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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It was a Tuesday, the busiest Tuesday of my life actually. I had to prepare to finish the last parts of my Public Relations application at the end of the week and on top of that, I had homework and I had to think about what I was going to make for dinner. When you get stressed like I seems like quite the burden to bear. Tyler was as usual a sight for sore eyes, the light of my day, the cheese to my macaroni, the calm to my storm as usual on days like Tuesday. So on our walk home, we talked about the weather, and we talked about how tired I was, and we talked about how tired he was, and we talked about the future, and we talked about life, and food and SLAB pizza and the NBA and maybe some music and a zombie apocalypse, and all the while I knew that he had something up his sleeve, because the previous weekend he had asked my dad for my hand in marriage and I knew it was coming but I didn't expect it to be on the busiest Tuesday of my life but it was..and if you didn't get it all ready...this post is going to be about my engagement to Ty Ty, Ty Abbo, Super T, Flop..whatever you want to call him. Tyler is just fine, too.

So yes after talking and talking and talking like we always do on our walk home, we flopped onto the couch and our tummies growled and we conversed with my roommate and we murmured about the amount of homework we had to do...and then we found ourselves in the same predicament, what are we going to have for dinner? You see, this wouldn't be such a predicament if Tyler and I weren't doing this thing where we are trying to have home cooked meals, not only because they are better for you, but because they are really nice to your wallet. But as we were sitting there, I straight up said I didn't want to make it, because bless his heart as much as he tries to help me in the kitchen, I usually end up making the most of the meal (except for I write this I am so pumped, Ty is making breakfast burritos...YES!) So I looked in my wallet, found a 20 dollar bill, grabbed a frisbee, grabbed Tyler's hand and it was down the street we go to Stan's Diner for a greasy burger, onion rings, a sub-par oreo shake and a game of Frisbee at the park afterward. Well then Tyler was acting all suspicious because he was trying to get me not to eat a shake because he wanted to get frozen yogurt that night. Oh and then he decided that we would just do our walk that was meant for Wednesday, because we have this exercise and running routine and usually on Tuesdays we run two miles and so it was unusual because he NEVER skips out on working out...and so I was pretty darn happy because he was going so easy today and I didn't mind it because my face was stuffed with the perfect mix between crispy and tender onion rings and pastrami burger. So after good grub, it was to the park and to a game of pretty great disc toss. Ty is really good at throwing always catches the wind just right, spins just right, and flies into my hand just right. Mine on the other hand wobble and spin and catch the wind right when it's blowing the opposite direction and Tyler often has to run helter skelter to get it in his palm. But it was fun. And tiring. And beautiful. And the park was meant for Tyler and I because the sun always hits the leaves on the low hanging branches just right and the wind is always nice and we enjoy looking at the graying sky, even if the clouds are all clumped together and the blue is disappearing along with the sun. It was lovely, but we had to face the realities and go back home and do homework.

So now, you're probably telling me to get to the engagement story already. I'm getting there. I'm getting there! I promise.

Once home, we flopped on the couch again and pulled out the books and computers. My mom had just texted me about wedding dresses...she loves to plan ahead. And so instead of doing homework, you know what I was doing...worrying about that instead of the reading response I had to write. Tyler is a great student...he always does his homework right away and that's what he was doing. Well out of the blue, though not unusual Tyler tells me he has to go talk to his best friend Drew and so he goes. And he's gone for like 30 minutes and I need to go pee so I do because for some reason I felt like I had to wait for him to come back before I could go to the bathroom. So I do my business and shortly after, there's this huge knock on the door and I go get it and in burst Drew, Jake and Myles (Ty's roommates) they were all dressed up like mobsters, speaking extremely loud and incredibly close and they told me that I had to go brush my teeth and get ready because it was going to be  long night. Then they blindfolded me and we somehow got down the stairs to my apartment complex alive and I was driven to 7-11 to get slurpees (I later learned that it was to buy time for Tyler, but I thought it was so cute because Tyler and I often go there to get slurpees.) So yes, once they kidnapped me, I knew Tyler was going to propose. I just didn't know it would be that night. I was pretty sure it was going to be at the end of the week or the week after that. So after slurpees and a few pics, I was blindfolded again, put in the car and we drove and drove and drove. The drive consisted of "our playlist" playing on the radio and three boys saying "blarp" 50 thousand times, me crying, and laughing, and all that stuff that comes with emotional girls that don't know where they are going but do know that at the end of the journey they will see their love down on one knee.

Finally, we got to our destination. I was led down this hill and then the captors left me alone. And suddenly, there he was. Tyler Jordan. I couldn't see him, but he was in front of me...and he took off the blindfold and I broke into sobs because I saw where we were. The reservoir...where we had our first date with the wildflower meadow and all and the water lightly lapping on the rocks...the sky was gray and the air was breezy and the trees rustled so perfectly. And there he was, looking at me with those eyes. Those green GREEN eyes full of light and life and love. And we kissed and I blubbered and he got down on one knee and I blubbered some more and he asked me. He did. He just did it. And I cried. So much and I think I said totally or of course or yes or something. I know I agreed because the ring is on my finger and the pictures have been taken (Spencer was there...thank you brother! I love you!) And then I remember kissing Tyler again and giving my kidnappers so many hugs and just staring at the ring and I not believing it was happening, but feeling so overjoyed because it was the next step that I wanted. Then we drove to Farr's Fresh for frozen yogurt and much to my surprise there was EVERYONE! All of my roommates and all of our friends. And I cried some more, but I was so happy. SO so so so SO happy. So happy to be engaged to my best friend, my partner in adventure, my happiness, my light, my life, my home, my heart, my joy, my laughter, my golden ever so golden boy.

And so it is my friends...

Tyler and I are engaged. Here's to a new adventure.

Stay gold.

P.S. Pictures you ask? Since most of my readers follow me on Facebook...I have decided to leave them there to keep our lives still somewhat private. Thank you!

P.P.S. The most terrific Tuesday of my life. 

P.P.P.S. December 28th

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