I blame her gurgly throat.

Monday, September 30, 2013

So in Art History like a week ago, I was sitting by this girl who was wearing this really cute yellow striped dress and really cute boots. Her voice was unusually high and nasally and I wondered...wow how does someone get a voice like that? She is the most darling thing ever...OH MY GOSH did that sound just come out of her throat? That gurgly croaky sound? Did that sniffle just escape her nose...oh dear...I'm sitting by a cold virus disguised in sunflower yellow! It was like I could feel the germs jump from the air around her onto me. And I'm not even trying to be rude or judge her character. She was super nice. Super cool...but oh my stars she was ill. Sick. Sniffly. Sore throaty. Coughy...those coughs were frightening! And I knew I was going to catch what she had. And I did. And I'm sniffly, croaky, coughy, mucusy, scratchy, all the above. (I'm deeply sorry Mak for all of my coughing and sicklyness...I'm the worst.) So there, I'm sick. But hey...in other news...I'M ENGAGED! Cold and ENGAGED. The story you ask? Oh well that's for a terrific Tuesday post. So maybe I'll write about it tomorrow. But for now...I'll go get some soup or something. Vitamin C, baby, Vitamin C.

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