Ariel with a beard?! I can't even.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

1. Hey Natalie Jean! 
I can't get enough of her blog. She wasn't always my favorite..but now I'm girl crushin' big time. 

2. Disney Princesses with Beards 
Ariel is my most favorite. Pocahontas (my real favorite) looks FIEERRRRRCE.

3. Ultimate Red Velvet Cheescake 
From you know where, with you know who, you know when, buying you know what. Now that it sound suspicious, Fashion Place Mall, with Megan, on Wednesday, wedding shoe shopping.

4. Heart melted into a puddle of love juice.

5. 15 Recipes not only parents..but newly weds should know!

6. Dinner: A Love Story

7. Oh! And there's a blog!
I have this one bookmarked, but it's one of those gems that you forget about sometimes because you don't cook as much as you should and then it returns to you and you remember why you liked it so much.

8. Master Card + J.Crew = Perfect holiday commersh

9. I'm a VSCO cam fiend!

10. For the wedding shoe shopper.

11. To spruce up the paper writing. (I needed this...but who says I'll use it?)

12. For upcoming football games and those basketball games too. 

13. Burgundy sweatshirts are tied at #1 with Grey sweatshirts for me right now.

What are you doing this weekend? Tyler and I celebrated his 1 year from being home from his LDS mission in Mexico with Costa Vida, a basketball game and Farr's Fresh. Tonight we are celebrating a birthday with our closest friends.

Well whatever you do...have a fun, safe, wonderful, and happy weekend.

Stay gold.

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