Friday Favorites: Holiday Gift Guide Edition

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift away, gift away, gift away all!

1. For the brother moving away to New York to pursue photography dreams.

2. For the food lovers and food makers.

3. For the darling, kinfolking cereal eater.

4. For the scent loving.

5. For the future bride.

6. For the makeup gurus.

7. For perfume lovers that have been hinting that they want this certain perfume every time you are in the department store.

8. This sweater. For me.

9. Oh and this one too.

10. For the cute gap toothed boys in your life that you are going to marry soon and is getting an iPhone as a wedding present from his parentals and who could do some good with a nice sweater or sweatshirt of the finest kind.

11. For the coziest and simplest. For the succulent (from Trader Joes) growers.

12. For that white wall that needs some decoration.

13. And for the ice cream lovers...because who doesn't love ice cream. Okay there are some of you out there...but you can just get one of the gifts above.

P.S. I really enjoyed my dear friends post. Read and enjoy the honest and sweetness of life and thoughts.

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