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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I went shopping! Got some wishlist items. So I'm on a fast now, you know gotta afford food and stuff. Wishlists will still happen...but I'll probably have to make unrealistic ones so I don't get tempted. Don't even try to tell me that you don't love a good sale. Or a good shopping trip. It happens. Even to the stingiest of people. So here are some things that I got.

Gap is having this really rad sale right now...I would suggest checking it out. It was so rad that I am adding prices to this thing. Wahooo.

1 // First, I looked at the jeans. I love me some gap jeans. So comfy and they make my butt look good to put it bluntly. These are perfectly distressed and I got them for $21.00 with some cents thrown in there. My mind was blown. 
2 // This t-shirt. Gold. $4.97. Not even kidding. 
3 // I'm wearing this beauty right now. Comfortable, cute, stylish, perfectly loose. Plus, Tyler likes it.  Oh...$6.49. That's stealing people! 
4 // I know, I know. It's striped and navy and something I have in my closet. But I don't have one JUST like this.  It's also incredibly soft. It was also $9.07
5 // Long, long ago...I begged my mom for a pair of slip on vans. At the time we couldn't afford them so she got me some beautiful air walk slip ons with music notes on them. I was in love. I wore those shoes until they smelled terrible and the soles had holes. They were incredibly comfortable and really cute. Well now that I'm older...I can actually buy my own Vans. I had been wanting these for a while. I know that they aren't booties, but I decided to give the bootie craze a rest...I'll get some later. When I find the perfect pair. For now, these are my favorite thing in the entire world. So comfortable and so cool. It is love, really. 
What's on your wish list? Are you a fan of Gap? Check out their sale, you won't regret it. Happy wishing and wearing. Stay gold. 

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