Inspired // Black, White, Brown, and Kicks

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


1 //  This is probably my favorite look right now. I wish I could recreate the beauty. I love the white lace skirt with the white open waffle knit sweater layered underneath that leather jacket. I really want his whole thing. It's a perfect mix of femininity and grunge. And we have to give a mention to her boots and red bag. So cute.
2 // Dark layering perfection.
3 // I'm pretty sure all I want in my wardrobe is a gray oversized coat, a white sweater and leather pants. For real.
4 // Those New Balance sneakers though.
5 // My second fave. This is so good. So classic. So simple. So everything I want to wear.
6 // Jacket. Shoes. Hat.
7 // Classic.
8 // The shoes make this.
9 // NEED.
10 // ALSO NEED.
11 // Um...white. That's all.

What is inspiring you?

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