Wishlist Wednesday // Springy Picks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As much as I love wearing sweaters and sweatshirts and black jeans and boots...

Spring is coming. It's practically here. Now just watch it snow tomorrow.

Rain is okay. Snow in the mountains, I'm down, but anything else and I'm sad. Sad, sad, sad.

But these wishlist picks aren't sad. They are as springy as spring can be. Happy wishing!

1 // This is ultimately the prettiest thing I have ever seen. 
2 // Ahhh. The mint color. It's so pretty. You could wear this with anything.  
3 // Gray, of course. 
4 // Okay it's a sweater. But it's like a baseball tee sweater. And it's supposed to be really light-weight. I mean come on. You could wear this with shorts or a skirt and just be happy all the time. No sweaty pits, really. 
5 // Another long-sleeve. I know. But the pattern. So lovely. It screams spring!
6 // From the Men's section. A sweatshirt. But it's camo. These would be rad with cut-off shorts. Or rolled up BF jeans. I love. 
7 // Wear the prettiest white shirt with this. 
8 // Pair it with wedges and call it a date. 
9 // Comfortable shoes for that long leg look. 
10 // The details. Simply lovely. 
11 // Need some of these. Classic.  
12 // A blush shoe screams spring!

What's on your wish list?

Stay gold. 

1 comment:

  1. What a great list. And I'm always a fan of stripes so I just love that first one ;)
    xo TJ



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