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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rosa as in pink in Spanish. 

So here's the deal. 

I've never really been into pink like I've always wanted to try wearing it, but it's one of those "clothing anxiety" things. Well now I want to wear it real bad. 

Another thing...this week is going to be pretty crazy. I have 3 group presentations and resumes to refine...SO no blog posts. Except for this one. Enjoy! 

1 // There is something so perfect about baby pink, gray, and white. Like it's a trio made in heaven. Plus, who doesn't love a good menswear inspired coat in peachiest and prettiest of pinks? 
2 // Everything about this outfit is so good. It can be recreated by everyone because I'm pretty everyone owns some form of floral pant, a hot pink sweater (if you don't have one...that's why Forever 21 was invented) and that faux leather jacket. 
3 // This outfit is right up my alley. I would want to wear it every Sunday. It looks classy and comfortable. I don't know about the fuzzy thing but it's rad "Miley-esque" accessory. Oh dear, why did I just say that? 
4 // So the pants are more salmon, but they rock. And salmony pink is really springy. And pretty. Just like Olivia Palermo. 
5 // It's so easy breezy, but perfectly California chic. 
6 // Polka-Dot Pink Patterns. Okay...enough with the alliterations Dani. 
7 // "Practically perfect in Every Way Pink." That's the color name of the coat and YOU know it! 

+ b e // i n s p i r e d 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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