Friday Favorites: Choose happiness this weekend.

Friday, March 7, 2014

s o u r c e
Oh how true this statement is to me. I learn that every day. It's a truth that you need to remove toxic relationships from your life. For a long time...I put up with toxic people. I put up with their vicious remarks behind my back, their criticisms, and their fake personalities. I have always wanted to write a blog post about it...but I've never mustered up the strength or the courage. I think it might be best to just tuck it away and let it go. Sometimes you have to do that...and maybe eventually you talk about it, but right now I'm going to choose happiness, even when things get hard. This weekend, you should too. Choose happiness. Choose people that will make you feel the loveliest, the dreamiest, and the happiest.

1. Pizza math.

2. For a Saturday morning breakfast. 

3. I can't get enough of Lupita's beauty. P.S. she's 31! Can you believe it? She's rockin' it!

4. Sweet little trinkets.  Great home decor inspo.

5. Are you guilty of these Instagram cliches? Even if you're not a FashionGrammer you are probably still guilty of some form of these.

6. This is too funny. 

7. More Lupita love.  Oh and another one.  AND... last one...but not least at all.

8. I got Jenna Lyons. My life is complete and my journey to be the fashion director for J.Crew ain't so far away. 

9. The sexiest album alive.

10. Talk about the dreamiest living space. Don't you ever just scour Pinterest to create your own living space? I think my dream space would be a little more minimal and modern with splashes of color. 

11. A great analysis on Wes Anderson's character's traffic patterns. 

12. Despite its less-than tasteful name...this is the most delicious website on the internet.  Can I please have The Mac Daddy!?

13. I forgot how much I love Cinemagraphs!

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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  1. It's so hard to write about past toxic relationships. It can bring up a whole lot of unwanted emotions and memories. Cheers to being you and your happiest self! Happiness is most important.


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