Let's Talk About Downton Abbey

Monday, May 12, 2014

Please pretend that you are just like Tyler and I just barely watching the show for the first time, jumping on the bandwagon SUPER late. Let's just pretend okay?

We have only watched six episodes because we are trying to spread it out so we can look forward to something new every night. Despite just six episodes, I am so hooked it's not even funny. WE, yes Tyler and I are both hooked. We love that show.

I am saying it now and I will say it again and forever, it is probably the best show I have ever watched. Like how was it not a movie first? A series? Come on, it's freaking gold!

What is going to happen? I mean, I remember my mom and sister sobbing because of this show. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat. Is Mary going to accept Matthew? Who is the real Mr. Bates? Will Thomas and Ms. O'Brien ever get their comeuppance?

The servants are amazing. The Grantham's are incredible. I just. I can't even. I love this show.

Yes, it gets its own blog post. A short and incoherent one at that, but that's because I'm overwhelmed with feels right now. And that's okay.

I'm team Matthew and Mary.

I'm also team Cora. She's the coolest mom ever. Heck, I like most of the characters minus a few! Could you blame me?

Everything is so well-written and developed. Ah. So good.

Watch it I tell you. Just watch it.

P.S. The costuming and music is beyoooooond.

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  1. This entire post is just how I feel every time I experience Downton. I'm so proud of your restraint--I binge watched every episode in about two weeks and have since spent my days aimlessly wandering through life until the series returns...okay maybe not that dramatic but I am so obsessed with it! Lady Mary is my favorite. Ever. I feel like she's the Blair Waldorf of Edwardian England. I'm so glad you like it!! xx

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