Monday Musing // Some pins.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Because honestly, all I've thought about today is the haircut I'm getting tomorrow and packing for Disneyland. So here you go. Pins I like. Who could every ask for more?

1 //  Lately, this is all that I have been telling Tyler. I know, lame and boring, but...sometimes "Let's Stay Home" is the way it should be. 

2 // Be. Still. My. Heart. 

3 // Isn't this pattern just the sweetest? I need a skirt or dress with a fabric like this. It's so springy. 

4 // And of course this is how I want to dress all day. 

5 // I just want to be a pregnant Olivia Palermo. Is that weird? No. Not at all. 

6 // Well of course I love you more than a classy minimalist font! 

Do you ever just mosey around on pinterest looking for thoughts, trying to clear them, looking for the inspiration and the breath of fresh air? Of course you don't! Or you do. Let me know. And always...

p.s. i changed my blog name and i'm pretty satisfied. 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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