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Thursday, May 29, 2014

p h o t o 
Well the title is misleading. This isn't much of an update. To be honest, right now I'm having one of those moments where writing a post isn't appealing. Granted, I love my blog. Always will, but it's not everything to me right now. Well it hasn't ever been everything to me. It's just not a priority. Every once and a while I get these deep, anxious, mind-wrenching feelings that consume me. I've always had them. A curse. Maybe a blessing. You know, it hurts my head to think about what they exactly are, but I have always been anxious. That's just it. And when I'm anxious I have to separate myself from things that make me more anxious like thinking of blog posts to write for my readers. Like looking at clothes I can't have and bodies I covet. I can't do that all the time. So I end up writing this. And I guess that's okay. I don't really know what I want to say, but I need to write something. Even if it wasn't a playlist. 

p.s. if you need to find me, I'm on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram

p.p.s. I'll most likely be back tomorrow. I have some favorites that need to be shared. 

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