Saturday // Catch Up

Saturday, May 10, 2014

p h o t o 

Hi there! When do I ever write blog posts on Saturdays? Like never. I just thought I would do a little "catch up" // round up of some great songs, good style, and tasty links. Enjoy! Hope the weekend is rockin'.

1 // Really diggin' Haim right now. Especially this song, I mean who wouldn't?

2 // Tyler finally got into Young the Giant with me. We love all the songs, but especially this one, this one, and this one.

3 // Black Keys gems: 1, 2, 3.

4 // Lastly, throwing it back with Ticket to Ride and Air Supply.

5 // I'm pretty sure Tyler is going to let me get another pair. Here are the ones I have my eyes on: Madrid Patent Leather, Metallic Arizonas, White, and another patent leather pair of lovelies. 

6 // Tired of the same old sandwich?

7 // Another pair of shoes perfect for summer.

8 // Tyler and I have been OBSESSED with this show.

9 // Inexpensive clothes buyers unite!

10 // The Met Gala Red Carpet is MAJOR!

11 // Bread DOES NOT make you fat.

12 // Isn't this swimsuit dreamy?

13 // Guys. I LOVE LUPITA!

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d

+s t a y // g o l d


  1. Woo hoo! I had no idea J Crew sold Birkenstock-esque shoes! I adore the metallic ones :) And yes, I ADORE Lupita! I love your blog--hope you have a happy week ahead! xx

    The What's In Between

    1. Yes! Birkenstock did some sandals just for J.Crew! They are beyond. Thank you so much, I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!!


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