Monday Musing // Birkenstock-up or Birken-stop?

Monday, July 21, 2014

You can probably tell that I took way too long trying to come up with that title. I think it's clever. And you should too. Just think it's clever, okay?

So the #SundaySurvey results came in and it seems like people are all about the Birkenstocks. So let's just get on to talking about these iconic German sandals made for trendy college girls, trendy college girls' moms, your flower child aunt, and the inner flower child in you.

As always, pinspiration to make you want to get a pair even more.

So Birkenstocks. The two most popular styles are the Arizona and the Gizeh, but Birkenstock offers a wide variety of styles in a variety of colors so if the styles you see on this post don't suit you, have no fear and click here to see the plethora of styles waiting for you.

First up, Arizona. The big sister of Birkenstocks. The ugly big sister that everyone loves with her eclectic and quirky style and her tendency to wear socks with sandals. The Arizona is my preferred look and they are my summer splurge this year. Back story: when I was first going to California to meet Tyler's parents, I wanted to get a pair of Birks to wear to the beach and to Disneyland and to basically everywhere, but my mom promptly said "No way, those are ugly, your lesbian aunt would wear those." So the birkenstocks stayed in the box and I proceeded to pin every pair of Birkenstocks on pinterest in the most stylish outfits until on my birthday my mom surprised with the most perfect pair in a Born box. I screamed and shed a tear or two. Well then of course, me being never satisfied and really dumb, I begged Tyler for another pair, but that's a different story. MOVING ON... Here are the Birkenstocks that you should be wearing.

There's a lot. #sorrynotsorry

1 // The Black Amalfi Leather Arizona with a Soft Footbed is the most expensive of the Birkenstock sandal. I hear these are like walking on a heavenly cloud. Not a terrestrial one, a heavenly one.  
2 // Granola, anyone? 
3 // Keep 'em clean!  
4 // Ahh...memories. My first pair. 
5 // Seeing this color a lot lately. 
6 // May or may not have bought these. AGH! 
7 // Ok, because we all know that every girl has the red saltwater sandal. Why not a red birkenstock? 
8 // For fair haired ladies and brunettes with bomb tans. 
9 // Metallic J.Crew goodness. 
10 // If only I had enough outfits to wear you with. I can't even handle these. 

And if you prefer the Gizeh, I personally am partial to this brilliant red, a metallic brown, and a classic oiled leather black or brown

Now Birkenstock Pinspiration! My favorite part. 

11 // Hey, we can't all look like Free People models off-duty, but we can always try. 
12 // The picture that broke me to buy the soft oiled Arizona's in black. 
13 // Let's get lazy. Classy lazy of course. 
14 // Mary-Kate brought them back. 
15 // Très chic. Isn't that what they say? 
16 // Pretty self- explanatory. 
17 // I think you get the norm core picture. 

Stay tuned for next weeks post on Vans and then for the week after that Vans fine rival: Converse.

+ h a p p y // m u s i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

p.s. The price of your birkenstocks will depend on the footbed (soft footbed is always more expensive)  and the material of the straps. Check the details of the ones you are in the market for. I tried to share a variety of material styles on this post. I hope it helps. As always, trusting the Birkenstock website is the way to go.

p.p.s I forgot to mention you can find Birkenstocks for a great price at Nordstrom Rack, on Ebay, and at Modern Shoe on Provo Center Street. 

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