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Monday, August 25, 2014

All I want to do is go shopping. I don't care if I have to give Tyler 2,500 foot rubs. I want to go shopping, and I think I'm going to. Who's with me? No really, I am open to go shopping with anyone. Emilee, if you are reading this, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you want to go to H&M at the outlets? 

Madewell is coming to Salt Lake City, and I am fah-reaking out. You better believe that is where I am going back to school shopping. 

So a muse about pretty clothes and styles that need to be in my closet this fall. Isn't this the same exact thing I posted yesterday? Yeah probably. And it will most likely be the same thing I post on Friday. 

How about we call this a realistic musing about clothes that I could actually have in my closet? That sounds mighty fine dandy to me. 

Oh heck, I have a better name. This can be a back-to-school clothes musing. All right, that's enough Dani. 

1 // Let's just think about this dress right here. This belongs in every single girls' wardrobe. The silouhette is universally flattering and it's just beyond simple and lovely with the embroidery details. It's perfect. It can be dressed up or down. You can throw a cardigan over it and a pair of sneakers and call it day. Heck, you could even wrap that cardigan around your waist with this on later. It's magnificent. *jumps off soap box and walks away happily*. 
2 // Like I said yesterday, I'm ready to wear more black, and this sweater is just the right way to start. 
3 // Because it wouldn't be a clothing post from me without a sweatshirt dress of some sort. 
4 // Believe it or not...I am digging so many Old Navy things right now. They are super affordable and really cute. I mean, really. I love this cheap alternative to the word graphic t-shirts that are really popular right now. 
5 // And it comes in gray. J'adore. 
6 // One day you will have to make me tell you about the one time I got a dress from .97cents at Old Navy. How does this relate to this shirt? Well I got the striped version of this shirt, and it could quite possibly be the best shirt I have ever purchased. No lies. I love the slouchiness, the cut, the boxiness, the sleeves. Everything. How 'bout them apples? 
7 // Although these probably wouldn't be flattering on me at all, I still think they are awesome and they will definitely be super popular this Fall. BYU campus is going to be flooded with them. That's how the Provo, UT girls do. 
8 // One more thing from Madewell. This sweatshirt. I just. *sigh* that's all. 

+ h a p p y // m u s i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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