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Sunday, August 24, 2014

+ a list of songs that are SO in for me right now. Aight?

Fall is always good to me. I want it to come so fast my toes ache. Also...I've decided to not let my comfort in my clothes be determined by pounds lost. I mean, I always say that...but it's always good to make that commitment again.

I'm also making a big leap and buying more black. I think my hearts a little black. I don't know. What do you think? What's inspiring you for this Fall? Let's discuss. Or not. Whatever you like.

1 // This chunky, oversized, structured, boxy, tweed what have you sweater has been on my pinterest wish list for like as long as I've had a pinterest. Why is it not in my closet? 

2 // Because stripes and gray are always a must. They just are. Like...don't you think? I mean...You can't really go wrong. 

3 // Well hot dog! A leather jacket and floral skirt. I think I want to try the midi skirt, sock, and boot kind of thing. I like that a lot actually. Frumptastically stylish. 

4 // Because simplicity is the best policy. 

5 // I'm starting the all black thing simply first. Black and boxy tops with classic skinny jeans. 

6 // I hope I'm a #madewell girl in the after-life. 

7 // Ok, so I don't know why I love this jacket so much...but I do. It's not even my style, but I would totally not mind working it into my wardrobe. Maybe I'd size down. What do you think? 

8 // Yes, I want to be her. Because the actually reality is that I would wear this outfit because I have ten different versions of it. 

9 // Again, black. + birkenstocks. So extra cool. 

10 // I LOVE long sleeve t-shirts with shorts. I looooooove it. 

11 //  *sigh* perfection. I have 3 pairs of ripped jeans that have stayed tucked away in my closet because I'm not allowed to wear them at work and I work every single day. I am a sucker for ripped jeans and that cardigan is MAJOR. So soft and simple and slouchy. And of course, there is no need to get me started on the stripes. It's me in an outfit. If I am allowed to say that. 

+ s t a y // i n s p i r e d 

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. songs that i'm into right now.

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