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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Listen up, I've been pretty absent from the blog. I totally know it. I am the worst. But let's get real, I know only of like TWO people that actually read this blog. One of those people isn't even my mom. Yeah, I know. So here's what we're gonna do. We are gonna take what we can get. So here's what you should be buying at stores and crap right now. Or you could just dream of buying them. The first two items are kind of expensive but back in the day I had my time at Madewell and their stuff stands tested and true, and they are worthy investment pieces. Here we go now. 

1 // A good striped tee. And a not so classic one at that. I tried this one on in the store. I have enough striped things as it is, because I'm a big believer in not having enough stripes, but this...this sweater/tee combo is soft, flattering (the drape is incredible), and dare I say it? Unique. The color is called rustic twig and it worked well with my skin tone. If this rusty color doesn't fancy you, go for the classic black and white version on the website as well. 
2 // A black knit that you can throw on with just about anything? The Rowhouse Sweater is the way to go. The bright red one is on sale right now in stores and online. Size down and you will have the most perfectly oversized yet flattering sweater for fall. Do you like how I keep saying flattering? I have actually been caring about that shiz. No but really, this sweater is rad.
3 // A delicate gold necklace. I've seen so many of these lovely little things around campus right now. I want one for myself. 
4 // Gray skinny jeans. I converted when I read this post on Cup of Jo. 

5 // Shout out to my girl Anne who came to the conclusion with me that tan boots are always a good idea. Tan has made it's way up there with black as a go-to neutral. It's gotta be tan/camel. None of that dark brown stuff, and you're good to go. 

What are you gearing up to get this Fall? Let's talk it out. 

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+ s t a y // g o l d 

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  1. I am excited for the new clothes that I got from my birthday/from friends. Would you consider chord pants to be in right now? I can't remember if I have any of those, but I know that I want to wear those. I love your blog posts!


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