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Monday, November 10, 2014

So I have been pretty absent and I feel really bad about it because I know that some people actually read this blog and that's so overwhelming wonderful. It really is. I also know that I have a post to do for Rue La La STAT and I need to get the blogging drive again.

You know those times where you just feel 'meh'?? Well I've been having those moments for like the past forever and it's really harshing my mellow. As usual.

So here we go. A brief but run-on explanation as to why I have been absent from dis blog.

Long story short: Tyler broke his knee playing basketball. And when I say broke his knee I mean ruptured a vital ligament and messed up his cartilage and minor ligaments holding his patella in place oh not to mention that he has a bone that needs to be moved 12 mm because it's not normally aligned like a normal person's knee and he has three little tiny fractures.

That's life right?

So the poor guy is hobbling around on crutches and this gnarly brace and I'm helping him out because I love him and that's what you do for people that you love you lift up their leg and help them out of the car and try to help them heal as fast as they can even though the recovery is 6 months after surgery and he hasn't even had the surgery yet and then the healing process will start over. And you're still in school and he's still in school and you both work and your stupid apartment complex won't put a handicap parking spot in the place for you unless you pay $30 for it. And the closest one of those is at the OTHER end of the parking lot.

Ugh...so I'm overwhelmed. Yeah you can tell. I'm not the one injured here...so I feel like I have no right to complain or feel overwhelmed,..but I just feel that way. Life doesn't stop for you and that's that.

But the reality of it all is that life isn't that bad. It's really good actually and there are a lot of good people in my life, but I have had to pick and choose my battles.

Picking your battles is the best way to go when you have a mind like mine.

Anyway, so that's a disjointed explanation as to why I'm in and out here and there and everywhere. Thanks for understanding.

How do you find inspiration when the going gets tough?

How do you cope with adversity? Any tips? How do you relax?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Oh...and p.s. I am making pages for my specific daily posts so it makes navigating the website a little easier. 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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