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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh my friends. My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends. I am so so so incredibly excited, words really can't describe how excited I am for this new series for the blog. And I am so grateful for my sweet friend Emilee who was willing to be my guinea pig for it. Guinea pig is a crude word to use...but I don't know what else to use. Anyway, yes a new series for the blog called STYLE PROFILE starring you and all the cool cat girls I know.

Today's style profile is Emilee. She has been one of my best friends since 9th grade! 9th grade people! That love runs deep. She was also my freshman roommate and she lives in my apartment complex today! She's in my ward and she's literally the greatest girl. She's sweet and kind and smart and funny and all around awesome. Plus, she's got great style. Oh and her hair...let's just look at her hair and marvel at it for one moment.

I asked her some questions about her personal style (this was inspired by Cup of Jo Beauty Uniforms). She has some wise and wonderful things to share. ENJOY!

p.s. her husband Ryan took the pictures. He took over 100 photos. How cute is that? Thank you Ryan, and thank you Emilee for being the best model for my first Style Profile.

How would you describe your personal style? This was tricky for me, because I don’t necessarily feel like I have a set, distinct style. Some days, I am wearing a hoodie and jeans and then other days, I am wearing my favorite sparkly pants and some heels. But in some ways, I guess that reflects who I am, because my style matches my personality. So I think that I would describe my style as charming, classic, and comfortable.

How did you “find” your personal style? It took some time for me to find a style that fit my personality, rather than me trying to fit into certain styles. Interestingly enough, I found solidarity in what my style was at the same rate that I understood and appreciated who I was and what my interests were, the things that make me unique. It took some experimenting and I’ve learned to appreciate other’s styles while recognizing that it may not fit my own style and that is okay. I think my style is still growing and changing as I move through life and gain new experiences and find new inspirations.

P.S. – it was a certain freshman roommate of mine who has taught me the majority of what I know about fashion and style and, although my style is my own, she is the one who made me aware of it. Thank you Dani.

How do you plan your outfits or put them together? Honestly, I had never thought too much about it until I started answering this question. Turns out I have a method of planning outfits that was subconscious, but very real. I just discovered that I put outfits together based on color. I put colors together to make a basic color palate and then I incorporate accessories into the outfit that match the palate. Sometimes, I like to have one main pop of color, while other days I prefer my outfit to be cohesive. (On special days, I will sometimes even take inspiration from movies for my color palate, hence Dani’s super sweet post about my interest in Disneybounding.) Also, I love wearing navy and polka dots and stripes. On good days, I will even wear polka dots and stripes together. So that tends to play a part in my decision making too.

Do you have any style “splurges”? I have loved dressing up since I was a little girl and I think that has influenced my style splurges. Dresses and skirts, fancy pants, an awesome pair of shoes… I love them all. I never really outgrew wanting to be a Disney princess, so anything that makes me feel whimsical or special is hard for me to resist.

How does wearing your “uniform” make you feel? Comfortable and confident. It’s really that simple. I wear clothing that makes me feel comfortable, but also beautiful, which helps me to feel confident.

What do you like about your sense of style? Like I said, my style is based on who I am and I like that my style allows me to feel like myself. I also feel like it is a wonderful way to use creatively express myself.

Any style secrets we should know about? I think that the secret to having great style is to be true to yourself and your interests. While certain clothing items may look cute or be deemed very fashionable, it’s hard to rock them and be confident when they make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. Don’t be afraid to be yourself because you are interesting and beautiful and worth more than diamonds. Style is simply a way to show the world who you are.

Any signature item? While this may sound odd, I think my signature items are my jewelry. I’m a very sentimental person, so my wedding ring is one of my favorite accessories, along with my necklace I got from Ryan for my birthday that says r & e on it. They are subtle reminders of what is the most important to me and how much love fills my life.

Any trends you tried and regretted? Oh way too many, although I don’t necessarily regret too many of them. Looking back on pictures throughout my adolescence can be kind of embarrassing, but I remember absolutely loving those same outfits at the time so I don’t think that I can actually regret wearing them. I guess the one trend that never really fit me, but that I tried a few times were the shirts with the brand written in large ostentatious fonts of the front. While these shirts work for other people and are sometimes really soft, they just were not my style and the trend for me didn’t last too long.

Anything you absolutely won’t wear? I believe that my body is a wonderful gift from my Heavenly Father and I want to show my respect for Him, myself, and the covenants I have made by maintaining standards of modesty. While many of the immodest trends and styles promote fashionable and cute clothing, I choose not to wear them because of my personal beliefs.

Do you have an overall fashion philosophy? I guess my philosophy would be that my clothing should reflect who I am and my values and I should feel comfortable in it. Never comprise who you are for an outfit. I believe in trying new things, but also staying true to myself. So, while an outfit may be incredibly cute, if I don’t feel comfortable in it, I won’t wear it. Instead, enhance the best parts of you. Oh and I also believe that it is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

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