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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today's Style Profile is Erika. Erika is another one of those girls that I wish I was better friends in high school because she is inspiring and so down to earth and I definitely needed/need more people like her in my life. Down to earth can be overused, but she is. She just is. She also is the creator of Walking With Teal , her personal blog that "accentuates the life of a moving, shaking, healing, evolving, walking, and speaking sexual assault survivor." The blog is powerful in word and purpose and so is Erika and that is why I wanted to feature her in my Style Profile today. Despite everything she's gone through she has a purpose and her style has a purpose, and that I love. Oh and of course, she has great hair. Don't you just love girls with great hair?

Anyway, I am so grateful for everyone who's participated in these Style Profiles. I've learned so much about my own personal style and what style means to others. May we all learn to dress in a way that makes us feel like we deserve a fresh bouquet of flowers, every day. Above all, be confident. That's what I've learned. So thank you.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: My style is made up of mostly plain colors and fabrics that flow. I like to imagine I could blend in with the blues, browns, grays, and greens of the earth: natural, unadorned, and austere. 

Q: How did you "find" your personal style?
A: Trial and error. Tailoring my personal style to my lifestyle was necessary. Some days I end up doing yoga, walking my dog, and grocery shopping in a matter of hours. My clothes needed to be versatile, comfortable, and presentable. Oh, and I'm twenty and not married so everything must be affordable! 

Q: How do you plan your outfits or put them together?
A: I recently minimized all of my belongings, clothing included. My closet now holds my favorite items, which makes dressing myself easier. If you only have things you know you love, your day will never go wrong because of a fashion faux pas! Lastly, I do that squinty eye thing while looking in the mirror to make sure the proportions look, well, proportional. Does anyone else do that? 

Q: Do you have any style splurges?
A: Comfy tees. No graphics. End of story. It's just, you can wear them with anything. Under a sweater with skinny jeans, over a loose dress with sandals, with overalls or summery shorts. Endless opportunities. 

Q: How does wearing your "uniform" make you feel? 
A: Like I deserve a bouquet of flowers every darn day!

Q: What do you like about your sense of style?
A: After 20 years of living, it has finally become effortless to wear pieces (emphasis on the I) love. That's because I did lots of playing with my "uniform" in previous years. I finally dress for my own comfort and happiness. Turns out it was a lot more simple than I ever anticipated. Although, a few quirky items are necessary in the spring and summer. 

Q: Any style secrets we should know about?
A: If I'm being completely honest...wear a hat when your hair is dirty. Ta-da! Problem solved.

Q: Any signature piece?
A: I'm a part time nanny during the week. Naturally, as nannies do, I was listening to the Annie Soundtrack on the way home from school. These lyrics struck me: Who cares what they're wearing on Main Street, or Saville Row. It's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters. I'd like to think I'm never fully dressed without a smile. Smiling is contagious.

Q: Any trends you tried and regretted?
A: I can't seem to pull off the elegance that Rory Gilmore does. I've tried fancier pieces, with straight hair, ear rings, and ya know...the works. I'm a touch too playful though. 

Q: Anything you absolutely won't wear?
A: Jeans with bedazzled bum pockets, I'm sorry.

Q: What is your overall fashion philosophy?
A: Too glam to give a damn! Just kidding. Kind of. 
On a more serious note, I would say in fashion make a means to be rooted, but also flow. 

+ t h a n k s // e r i k a 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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