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Thursday, January 29, 2015

First, these two quotes: 


And this one that I found on Twitter: 

"We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.”

You could have a million followers. You could have the best hair. You could have all the riches in the world and all the people of the world flocking to be like you or get recognized by you, but if you aren't worth knowing...if you're not kind...if you're not doing good for the world, if you're not giving're not worth anything. Even if you're well known.

Second, a mini playlist: 

Funny thing about this song. I heard it while shopping at The Gap a few months ago, and I didn't have time to Shazam it, or I tried to and it didn't pick up. So I went months with it stuck in my head, but I wasn't able to remember the lyrics and I was just searching and searching. Well, today I found it on Spotify. I was just sampling a playlist, and yoo-hoo it was there. Fate, I tell you. Fate. 

This guy is so much more than "Take Me To Church." His music is great. His voice is butter. His soul is rad. 

GUYS. I don't even know why. I'm not sorry for loving this song. It makes me want to walk like three men are walking behind me. It's my jam right now. Pass judgments now if you please. 

This song. I'm obsessed. I'm late on the bandwagon for this one. It's so groovy and like Bob Dylan said, "Either be groovy or leave, man." Plus, I LOVE how they performed it on Ellen. 

This song is everywhere now. Like everywhere, but it's still great. This guy has one of the best "yell-sing" voices I've ever heard. So yeahhhhh. I don't know what else to say. 

THIS VERSION. MAAAAJOR. I used to be a 90's rock hater, now I'm a big fan thanks to being an Abbott. 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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