Friday Favorites // I got a dress for $13 today...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy weekend everybody! What are you doing? We're studying for an exam. Oh well. That's life. That's college life. There we go. I'm trying not to complain. Positivity is key, everyone. Also the bed above. That bed is key. So dreamy. (Haha, see what I did there?) Here are some pretty rad things from the internet. OH...p.s. I'm done with ending my posts with + s t a y // g o l d. I figure you know what it means to stay gold, and if you're reading, then that means you strive to be gold. So yeah, no more of that. Now the internet. 

1 // The perfect "everyday" outfit. 

2 // Not trying to be a hipster or anything, but Michelle Phan is the reason I got into makeup. I LOVE her and I'm so glad she's a massive success. She's an inspiration! Mish, I'll always remember your Photo Booth videos. LOVE! 

3 // A Case for Vans. AGREED. 

4 // Ever wanted to try planning a capsule wardrobe? Read this. 

5 // Ok. I'm obsessed with this cover

6 // It's Pizza Friday! 

7 // Sundance is happening in Park City right now. Here are some great (and wearable!) looks from the Red Carpet. 

8 // Love shopping, but really want to kick the happy and be more money smart? Read this. 

9 // Contradicts #8, but it's helpful if you are looking to jumpstart a capsule wardrobe or just need an updated and classic look. 20 things Every Woman and Girl Should Have in Their Wear-drobe. 

10 // Ingrid Nilsen shows you how to rock your "lob."

11 // Apartment inspiration. Tyler and I definitely want our home to look like this. 

12 // This lipstick looks beautiful on just about anyone! Here is a drugstore dupe! 

13 // And here's a quick how-to about streamlining your wardrobe. Bookmark this! 

p.s. about the capsule wardrobe. it's pretty hard for me to start one right now, because as a college student all I do is wear jeans and tops...a dress or skirt here and there. So I've been trying to pick out my favorite jeans and my favorite shirts. The truth about it is that you need to capsule around your lifestyle and like she said, it takes time. 

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