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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh my goodness, friends, I am so excited for this blog post. Words cannot describe. Karlee is one of the most stylish, funny, and perfect human beings I know. She's beyond beautiful and she would look good in a potato sack. True story. Actually, I've never seen her in one, but I'm sure she would rock it. Her style is in full force awesome and her hair is a force to be reckoned with. I should have been best friends with this girl in high school but I was totally lame! Anyway...

One of the best things about Karlee though is that she has an incredible heart. She is kind and she shows genuine interest and care for you. Plus, she has the most adorable german shepherd pup named Ozzy and a husband named Tyler.  You know how I feel about Tylers.

Want to see Karlee in other places? Visit her blog, VSCO Grid, Tumblr, Pinterest (oh my heavens, her pinterest), and Twitter. You won't be sorry. She's going places.

Thanks Karlee for taking the time to do this style profile. Thank you for the pictures and thank you Kiersten Jones Photography for taking fabulous photos of this girl and letting me share them on here.

How would you describe your personal style? 
What one would typically wear to a funeral... all black...hah! Just kidding—I would say somewhere between street style and edgy.

How did you "find" your personal style?
Growing up my mom was a make-up artist for Neiman Marcus,so she was always dressed in black, white or grey. Every morning I saw her I thought she looked so graceful, and most of all, confident. So as I got older, I put my own style into what I already knew. I studied Pinterest and Tumblr— I avoided trends and still tend to do that. I just started taking risks. 

How do you plan your outfits or put them together? 
That's funny you ask, because I was just thinking about how much time I spend lying in bed planning out outfit ideas in my head... most of the time I think of my staple piece so lets say, a leather jacket, and then I throw in pieces from there.

Do you have any style "splurges"? 
LEATHER. Good, fine leather. It's just so timeless and such a beneficial investment for me that I don't feel guilty about because over time it only looks better, in my opinion. The wear and tear shows character. Oh, and booties. Ya...booties. 

How does wearing your "uniform/favorite outfit" make you feel? 
Confident and comfy. I can't enjoy my day unless I am comfortable or else I'll be thinking about the minute I will be able to change, nonstop. My outfits are very minimalistic in a sense... the more complex I try to make it the less I feel myself. Just stick to your basics and add small pops like lipstick or a trench coat. 

What do you like about your sense of style?
It is simple, yet bold. Low key, but makes a loud statement. I'm a platinum blonde brunette and I wear bold color lipstick, so because I make such a loud statement in my hair and lips, I simplify my outfits. I like that the simplicity makes a statement

And style secrets we should know about? 
Winged eyeliner. Life is too short not to. Oversized white v-necks (dont tell…but, I wear the men's white Hanes v-necks in a large and you'd never notice) they're always my go-to, as well as roots —ha! Silly I know, but in my opinion the more roots you have showing in your hair the better.

Any signature piece?
A long cardigan or leather jacket, lipstick, denim cutoffs and black skinnies.

Any trends you tried and regretted?
Yes! Of course. I regret how I styled what I wore more than I regret what I actually wore. Except, remember that trend in like the 8th and 9th grade where it was cool to mix and match your colored old navy flip flops?! Yeah... the worst. 

Anything you absolutely won't wear?
You probably will never see my in the color yellow. I just feel like it doesn't set well on me. Nothing that falls at an awkward length either. I will wear just about anything else though, especially if it comes in black/white/or grey. 

Do you have an overall fashion philosphy?
Take risks within your personal style. If you like it, wear it. Try new things and if you fall in love with it- run with it. If you find yourself hating it, forget it. Wear anything that makes you feel pretty and gives you confidence. 

My favorite quote is by Ms. Coco Chanel and she says, 
“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

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