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Monday, February 16, 2015


My hair is coated in a coconut mask. Make up off. In the comfiest yoga pants and thriftiest of thrift store shirts. Looking on pinterest at beautiful women and my husband tells me I look like Brienne of Tarth a la Game of Thrones. Bring on the pretty girls that I want to be. Hashtag: Self love. Hashtag: Wishing I was pretty. Hashtag: I'm just kidding. Hashtag: Here are some of my muses, lately. You know, girls that inspire you?

Also, I noticed that a lot of the women featured in these photos are very slim and usually have blonde hair. I just wanted to say that I do like myself and I don't wish to be just like these women. It's just one of those things where you get inspired to dress that way or carry yourself in that way. I just wanted to clarify. ALSO holla to slim girls with blonde hair. They're beautiful. And holla to the girls with hair coated in coconut mask!

1 // I've been thinking a lot about how I will dress when I'm older and wiser and cool like my mom is now (although, my mom has always been cool, she's just a perpetually cool person.) Anyway, yeah, so I've been thinking a lot about that and I've decided I want to still wear jeans and blousy tops. Dress your age, I say, but don't be afraid to channel your inner spirit and throw it back with your style every once in a while. Because a white button-up tunic, light wash jeans, and nude oxfords never killed a middle-aged woman. Mom, you would rock this look btw.

2 // I love ALL black with a pop of blush and gold. Gold, blush, and black. That's all you'll ever need. (I say the same thing about white, grey, and black) Potato, potatah. Bonu points if your pop of blush is a chunky knit beanie and if your pop of gold is a sequin(??) clutch.

3 // I always love styling with minimal jewelry. I am all about basic pieces with stand out patterns that can stand alone. Not that I don't like jewelry. I love it. The only problem is is that I have the hardest time wearing it. Since I was a child, my skin has hated all fake metals (so glam, I know) and I can only wear the real deal (so glam, I know, I know). So I will endure the cheap stuff for a day and suffer for a week (ghastly rash, psoriasis (so glam, I know, I know, I know)) you don't see me wearing a lot of baubles. Though a girl can dream. Anyway, that's why I love the simple looks. Bonus points if your simple look involves a white dress from Free People with a quirky and awesome grid print.

4 // Because all of us have that inner grunge girl that hangs at the beach in an oversized flannel. Hey, it can get pretty breezy there!

5 // Because all of us not-so secretly wish we could be Lauren Conrad's hair...wait I mean Lauren Conrad. We all wish we could be Lauren Conrad.

Who are your pinterest muses? Any type of girls that you pin too much? Is this a weird phenomenon? AM I THE ONLY GIRL THAT DOES THIS!?! Send help!

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  1. For the record, I just said you REMINDED me of Brienne of Tarth. Who is, by the way, awesome. I would love it if somebody said I reminded them of Brienne of Tarth.


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