Friday Favorites // Happy Vamlumtimes Day Weekend

Friday, February 13, 2015

I used to be a hater of Valentine's Day, but now I'm a believer! And that's not because I'm married and now know the world of intimacy and stuff like that (TMI? Probably...) It's because now I appreciate a day where we celebrate love! Isn't that awesome? A love day! A love weekend. Love is spiritual to me. Yes, I show my love physically, but it's also one of those beautiful things that resides deep in your soul and bubbles over for the people that make you feel warm and gooey (hmm...poor word choice? Probably...) ANYWAY, long story short spread the love this weekend! Oh and tell me your plans, I love hearing Valentine's Day plans! Here are some lovely links from the internet...

Oh hey, anyone else notice how a bunch of bloggers are doing weekend links? Just want to say that I inspired them *wink wink* 

Here we go. 

1 //  Obsessed with black denim? Well here are some tips to keep them the blackest black. 

2 // HUGE sale. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a drill. In store, too! Pull out that student i.d. card and get an extra 15% off! 

3 // Another great sale to get your hands on! Free shipping? Yes! 

4 // This week's Style Profile

5 // A summery shirt. So pretty. 

6 // I love the print on this LBD. 

8 // A Valentine's Day tradition. *Voodoo, is it voodoo!?!*

9 // Oh my gosh...she is the queen! 

12 // The perfect Valentine's Day lipstick if you don't want to go for a classic red. 

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