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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Every week, I have the opportunity to feature the prettiest ladies with the prettiest style. Today, I'm featuring Morgan. Morgan and I were in the same Freshman ward at BYU. She is an advertising major and she's a dream come true. No really, she is. She arranged her own wedding bouquet and she has the prettiest golden bands for her rings. Talk about dreamy! Teach me your ways, Morgan! She's also one of the nicest people I know. She is full of kindness and she glows! I mean, look at her! Also, follow her blog and instagram!

In this Style Profile she shares her love for oversized styles (girl after my own heart), her signature sweatshirt and hairstyle and her fashion philosophy that applies to everyone! 

Q. How would you describe your personal style?
A.  I feel like it often changes! Some days I feel super preppy and others I could probably pass as a boy; but typically i would say slightly androgynous with a feminine touch.

Q. How did you “find” your personal style?
A.  My style has evolved over the years, but it started with me wearing clothes I felt comfortable in. Comfortable as in feeling good about myself and also literally cozy. And I like classic pieces with fun details, so if it fits in that category, it’s probably in my closet.

Q. How do you plan your outfits or put them together?
A. Usually I try on an outfit I originally think up, change the top, then the shoes, and then the pants. So after a few mixes and matches, I end up deciding on something completely different. It is kind of nice though because I can make a mental note for another outfit that had gotten changed out in the search. 

Q. Do you have any style “splurges”?
A.  Almost everything in my closet is affordable, I try and find the best deals. But I will spend a little more on shoes, it’s worth it to me if I can wear them with everything! 

Q. How does wearing your uniform/favorite outfit make you feel?
A.  I wish I could wear my uniform (favorite black JCrew sweatshirt, black zipper leggings, leather booties) everyday. I honestly think it makes me in a better mood, and I just love the feeling that I’m wearing something I love and I don’t even care what anyone thinks. 

Q. What do you like about your sense of style?
A.  I like that I can go from school to work to internship all while feeling comfortable and put together. I’m a creative person and I like that its usually reflected in what I’m wearing.

Q. Any style secrets we should know about?
A. I looove oversized everything, I feel like it is a cute/flattering style on everyone!

Q. Any signature piece?
A. Oversized sweater and a top knot. And neutrals. Oh and stripes!

Q. What's a trend you tried and regretted?
A. TOO MANY!  In my defense,  they were usually(?) in style at the time. The worst I can remember is plaid bermuda shorts, an Abercrombie polo and a contrasting tee on top. Or shrugs. Or gaucho pants. Lace cami’s. (!!!!!) 

Q.  Anything you absolutely won’t wear?
A. Eeek. Super tight tee’s or patterned leggings. Seriously nothing against anyone who chooses those styles, they are just not for me.

Q.  What is your overall fashion philosophy?
A. If you feel confident in what you are wearing, you can pull it off

Thanks Morgan! 

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