Runway Recap // J.Crew (THE MOTHERLODE)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jenna would be so proud. Also, Jenna, can we PLEASE just be best friends finally? I've been waiting for your call. I'll wait as long as it takes.

Find the photos here, people!

Now let's get on with it.

1 // Where do I even begin? Not even kidding when I say this is supremely overwhelming. I look forward to this day every February. J.Crew Collection Fall 2015 is so important. It just is. Let's break it down shall we, Jenna and her team of amazing people with amazing taste get together and put together the best of the best of their beautiful brains. A wool coat paired with a luxurious scarf and silk dress with the best pattern of the softest peach. It's all so beautiful. The styling. The hair. The makeup. AGH. I can't even. #LifeGoals #CareerGoals

2 // And then you get classically beautiful silouhettes like this. A cashmere sweater draped over a shirt dress that screams grace. The clutch. The clutch, people. 

3 // This shirt has eyelashes. IT'S GREY AND HAS GOLDEN EYELASHES. IT'S MEANT TO BE IN MY CLOSET. Oh and that skirt. Like, yes. 

4 // Is it a shirt with a skirt. Is it a perfectly adorable dress?  Is it the best thing that has happened to stripes ever? Yes. A million hell yes's to this ensemble.  

5 // Yellow. That yellow is sunshine on a dreary day. It is the brightest darn thing you ever did see and that skirt is so Kate Middleton, I can't even. Her shoes are straight out of an impressionist painting. Straight up dreamy. 

6 // THIS PARKA. That. Is. All. Amen and amen. 

7 // The piece de resistance. The fringe skirt. Twitter was blowing up over this thing. For all the right reasons too. A suede fringe skirt in the prettiest pink. Gimme that. Thank you very much. Matching pumps are also requested. 


9 // Tassles on your heels and gold all over. Oh and a parka with a fur collar. You can't forget that. You just can't. 

10 // What is with that scarf? What is with that silvery tassled goodness. What is with those shoes? I don't know but it is all good. That grey sweater though. I want that. 

11 // Kate Middleton strikes again only this time she is graced in the best pink and the coolest purple of all time. But seriously, that purple. *Needs to take a breath she is so blown away* 

12 // A military peacoat paired with your best green pants. Whodathunk? Jenna, of course. Plaid scarf as an accessory is always preferred. 

13 // The blazer. That beautiful beautiful shimmery shiny blazer made of sequin and paillettes and all things good in this world. Oh gosh it's too much. 

14 // All your street style dreams have come true with this look. Pair an oversized car coat with your wool blazer. You are sure to keep warm. Trust J.Crew, they know these things. 

15 // IT COMES IN A DRESS?!?! *faints* 

p.s. It was hard to pick a favorite but this last look. *swoons* *major swoons* #praisehands #hearteyesemoji #itsalliveeverdreamedof

#SorryImNotEvenCloseToSorryForHowLongThisPostIs #JCrewTodayJCrewForever #JennaLyonsIsMySpiritAnimalAndSoulSister 

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