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Monday, November 28, 2016

This is me. This is how I look. Below I will claim that my eyebrow game has improved and this picture says the opposite. Just ignore that. Also, same glasses. Same face. Cool new sweater. Awesome bunk beds behind me. Total upgrade. I've made it in life I have bunkbeds. Are you still reading? Glad to have you here.

Well, well, well, how the mighty have fallen back to their old ways. What am I even talking about? I was never mighty. (Laugh here at my self-deprecation.) Laugh now.

So what, give me a break. Like a kit kat or a cruise to the Caribbean. I'll take both.

How's it going? I'm fine. Let me just update you a little bit about little old me.

First things first, my eyebrow game has seriously improved.

Second things second, still got body issues. Still got some church issues.

Third things third, I'm in a lot better place though (LIKE A LOT BETTER, MOM!), so progress.

Enough of that number shiz, I'm really into snapchat. So not into Instagram stories. Because that's really important for you to know.

Still probs not into blogs that much, but I figure I need a creative outlet, because I got serious, and I mean SERIOUS post-holiday blues. Man, it's the woooooo-orst.

Hmmm...what else? Oh I'm currently trying to curate the best christmas music playlist in the world. It's a work in progress, but it's going to be a beautiful masterpiece. You can't really have a lot of repeats. You can't have too much cerebral progressivey stuff, and you def can't have too many cheesy and dramatic "Mary Did You Knows" you need just the right amount of classy old-timey songs straight from Bing's blessed mouth to get a good playlist going, and I'm working on it. You have to work on it, sometimes a song will come up and you gotta remove it because it's just not working that time, but then you miss it and have to add it again. Anyway, what was I talking about? Seriously can't remember.

Hillary lost the election. That was a big bummer. Can't talk about it anymore. Just had to mention it.

Oh and since Trump is going to be the president for the next whoever knows how long, I need to switch over to Wordpress. The two aren't relevant to each other, but maybe it's time to make good changes in my life. I say I'll make the switch, but who knows when I ever will. My ability to keep blog promises is loooooow and slow like a crock pot sunday dinner.

I'm also thinking of trying turtle necks. They seem so cool and every girl at Man Repeller wears them, and I think I can make it work.

So if you want, you can read along with me as I try turtle necks and talk about lame stuff or christmas presents which aren't weird OR LAME!

Who knows, tomorrow I might feel completely opposite of what I do now because I'm feeling post-holiday blues and this whole revitalization of a blog will be yesterday's Tasty video.

Ok, I think that's all. I'm trying to think of cute, yet minimal ways to decorate for Christmas so if you got any, lemme know.

Alright, now that's all. That's all. Stay gold!

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  1. I love it all. Brow game on fleeky deeky. Come over for dinner soon. K thanks!


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