Good Angles Only in 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

the picture to end all pictures. this was the last selfie i took in 2016 and i think it's my best one yet. but seriously, who randomly finds a bunch of these in their camera roll? just me? okay. fine. get out. 

It's 2017, bitches! (Sorry mom and dad. Sorry all of my other friends.)

You might be thinking this will be one of those year in review blog posts, but nah. It won't be. I just thought I'd share some random thoughts that I'm probably gonna try to ponder more in 2017. THESE ARE NOT RESOLUTIONS. Always strive to be better and stuff your face with pizza when you can't. Stuff your face with pizza anyway.

Here's my best nine or whatever the heck they are calling it on Instagram. Does anyone really care about these? Speak now and tell me why. They were kind of hard for me to see, and mine was a little disappointing. It made me realize that I post WAY too many things about Tyler like he's my chubby baby straight out of the womb. Weird analogy. Mommy issues, I guess.

But hey, as the captions say, thanks for liking my pictures. Even though some of you totally don't. I know who you are. You are fake friends. The fakest. FAKE. You know what else is fake? The top middle photo, I TOTALLY blurred some blemishes on that masterpiece. Sue me. Also, I'm sorry for calling you fake for not liking my pictures. I DIDN'T MEAN IT. I PROMISE. Too many caps in this post already.

What else, what else?

Oh, here's a mini review on my S'well Bottle. Are you ready? Here we go.

Get one. That's all. Just get one. They are worth the hype. ALL the hype. They are worth it and I have reached my water goals for the day and I think my skin is better for it, and I'm not putting that all on this bottle, because I have been trying a new face wash, but I know water helps. So yeah, get one. Get the 17 oz. if you don't want to carry a massive 25 oz one around. Which, I did find out is supposed to be for party drinks. Who knew?

You know what else is worth the hype? The matte black iPhone 7 plus. It's a thing of beauty, but it's a TOOL, don't worry mom, I remember that all my technology is a tool. Not a best friend that I can't stop looking at. Right? Right. Heh...I'm in love with my phone.



Baby Groot...or growing groot or just the best groot of all time groot. Best stocking stuffer. 

Game of Thrones coloring book. Super addicting. Super helpful when I'm sad that I can't watch the upcoming new season right now. 

Now for some finals thoughts about my life in 2016 that I've been thinking about. Oh no...are we slowing transitioning into a year in review post? I'll make it quick and painless and not too cheesy. No promises though.

2016 was a hard year for me. It was a beautiful year as I looked back on it and all the photos and moments I captured, but it was a hard year. Not the worst year of my life, but one with a lot of growing pains.

It was a year where I was supposed to develop more self-love and body positivity within myself, and I've been talking about this ever since I started this blog, and I've gone through hills and valleys and I didn't this year. And it's hard and it hurts. But I'm working on it. I just want to like my face and my hips and my stretch marks and the little pudge of fat on my stomach and the extra pounds i've gained. But I want to always be healthy and do healthy things. And I try, but this year I really got down on myself.

It was a year where I really had to determine my relationship with God. He is a caring and merciful person, but sometimes my fellow believers get me down. You could say this was the year I put too much faith in people and not in Him. I'm working on this too. I'm grateful for my calling which keeps me going.

This is already too long, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and been friends with me through all my weird rantings and ramblings at work and when  we hang out. Thanks for liking my tweets.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for sticking with me. Really though. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for laughing at my stupid jokes. Thanks for loving a different Dani. Change isn't so bad right? Yes, it can hurt, but I'm discovering myself. And I'm discovering things that make me mad, sad and happy. I'm creating a voice for myself and I like it. Here's to new voices and new self discoveries. Here's to listening to cool music and watching amazing movies (La La Land and Lion BLEW MY MIND this past break). Here's to more of everything good. Here's to strong female voices of confidence, laughter and wisdom. Here's to overall more goodness in all of us.


Here's to a mini cactus break:

And now for my best tweet of 2016. 

I think that's all for now. Feel free to listen to Fast Car while reading this or Landslide. Either one works. Idk, you don't have to, those were just the two songs playing while I wrote this so it sounded appropriate. Here's to you fine reader. Have a great day tomorrow. It's gonna be a cold one. 

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