Medieval Monday

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello friends! I hope you all had an AMAZING weekend. I really did. It was practically perfect in every way. If you didn't have a happy weekend, I extend my apologies and hope your week is ten times better than your dreary weekend.

Today I have a post about my wonderful weekend for you, the title of this post definitely has something to do with it. I don't have pictures of everything but I will sure tell you about everything.

First, there was my parents and their half-marathon. Seriously, I am still so proud of them. Always will be. Well after that adventure my brother, sister, and I decided to carry on our tradition of going to the Annual Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire. It is such a fantastic cultural experience. Yes there are some interesting things and people to see (as you will see in my photos) but really it is such a fun experience. There is kettle corn, turkey legs, sarsaparilla, gypsies, belly dancers, pirates (a guy that looks and acts just like Captain Jack Sparrow), fire dancers, singers, vendors, a girl who sits in a puddle of mud all day, it is so great. Everyone is nice and you just feel like one big fantasy/medieval family. The only downside, is that everything is on the pricier side and it can get SO hot. Which it did. I have a TOMS tan line now.

Afterwards, my parents, sister, and I made our way to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. My dad is Mexican so it takes a lot for him to like a restaurant. He has to really love the food. I wish I had pictures of my plate, but I forgot my camera. I got Tacos al Carbon. Basically, they are four corn tortillas with chopped up grilled carne asada in them. It was SO good. They serve arroz, and frijoles (rice and beans), with Pico de Gallo, and lime. It is so delicious. You squeeze the lime of the steak and it is heaven! LOVED IT!

It really was a lovely weekend. I made some more peanut butter sheet cake and got a pretty nice tan. There is something about good company and good food that just makes one happy.

Now enjoy some photos!

The fair is out in the middle of nowhere. It's all farm land. I love this photo because it says "Huzzah!" 
Otis. You could pet him. He did not bite. Thank goodness there was hand sanitizer nearby. 
There was only a simple log barrier. I hope he couldn't climb out and go on some tortoise rampage. 
Yeah she was belly dancing....with fire. Oh man. The music was really cool too. 
I sure hope that my roommates from school see this. Boozer, boozy, boozin' inside jokes. We didn't ever booze on weekends but we sure did talk about it a lot. ;) They are the only ones who will get this. 
The stocks. :(

I do wish I had more pictures. I will definitely be carrying my camera with me a lot more now. 
Tell me about your weekends! What did you do? Did you eat anything tasty? What are your plans for this week? Do tell! Have a great day, even if it is Monday, but remember this: 

Remember to tell me about your weekend! See you tomorrow!


  1. haha, I love how you look all happy in one of the pictures when you're in the stocks and then sad in another. IT PLEASES ME!

  2. Hahaha Karly that happy picture is actually my sister. Don't worry though, people mistake us for one another all the time.

  3. AHAHA! Well that's embarrassing for me! That's really great, though, that you and your sister look so much alike.


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