Marathon Morning

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My parents= AWESOME! This morning they ran our city's big half marathon. Holy cow they are beasts. Unfortunately I couldn't get any great photos of them. You can't just ask them to stop and pose for a picture. I did get some photos of some awesome moments. The whole marathon spirit makes me want to go out there and be a part of the running community. I think that might be a summer some marathon runners are really good looking. There is this excitement and everyone is cheering everybody on. It reminds me of a mini olympics. Speaking of which, I am so excited for the London 2012 Summer olympics it isn't even funny. Anyway, yes I want to start running again. Little by little. Well I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay happy, eat good food, and enjoy the moments I captured. Again, sorry for the bad pictures.

The guy in the orange shirt and blue hat is my Daddy-O. He has run 3 half marathons. What a beast. That's 1 and a half marathons. 
That's my mom. She is a trooper. 
Brother and Sister. What cuties. 
Sister and me. 
 This man pushed him the WHOLE half marathon. You should have heard the cheers.
A little boy running with his momma. 
Two little guys booking it to the finish line. 
This is my favorite. The lady was celebrating and dancing because she was almost there. I loved the happiness that was exuding from her. We should all be that positive. 
Again, happy weekend everyone! See you on Monday!


  1. your parents?! whoa. awesome is right.

    1. Yeah they are amazing. My mom is 51 and my dad is 55. I just can't believe that they LOVE doing it.

  2. Wow good for your parents! That's awesome!

    1. Thanks! They are great examples!


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