Weekend Adventures and Memorial Day Brunch

Monday, May 28, 2012

Time for another Monday musing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! May we remember those who sacrifice and fight for our freedom and lives everyday. May we be eternally grateful for the service men and women in our lives. God bless them. Also, please remember the loved ones in your life. Life is beautiful. It should be lived. Cherished. God bless us everyone!

This past week, my sister got out of school! You don't know how excited I have been for this. No more going to bed early because she needs her rest. No more having to wait to do things with her until the weekend! My sister is basically my best friend so this is a big deal. So what was the first thing we decided to do? WE DECIDED TO GO TO CITY CREEK! WOOHOO! Okay this is also a big deal because City Creek is probably the nicest mall in the whole state. Seriously though, the mall in my hometown is a loser. We wanted to try to hit up some memorial day sales. Unfortunately, there weren't that many. I did get to try on some pieces from a wishlist though, and I got a cool pair of pants at American Eagle. They are having a sale right now if you wanted to know. I always like sharing great deals with you guys. They are having a 40% off the entire store sale (in store), so if you have the chance jump on it! That was the only place where we got anything but we had a great time exploring the huge mall. I met some very nice people at J. Crew and Michael Kors. I just really love nice sales associates. They make the experience a whole lot better for you. After a day of doing girly things, we got a caramel apple and called it a day. When we got home, we went to see the Avengers and ate junk food. It was great. I am so glad I got to spend that time with my sister. She is the best.

Among other things that I did this weekend was my great hang out with a great friend from school. We played this game where I picked my favorite word and each letter of the word would stand for something that we did. I chose this word...
pronunciation |  "hE-lE-O-‘fil-E-o\
It's really not my favorite word, but the sun is my favorite and I think it's a great word. So the first letter H, was where we were supposed to eat. He handed me a phonebook and I had to find a place that started with an H. The only place I found was called Ho Ho Gourmet and it was 25 minutes away. We actually drove down to the city it was in, but we chose IHOP instead. I mean H...and the word Ho are in IHOP so it counts right? We ate French Toast. I have never been a huge fan of french toast, and now I really love it. IHOP's french toast is fluffy goodness, and if you put boysenberry syrup on it...it's heaven. So yes, that is a french toast success story! Yay! Then the second letter stood for what we were going to do. Eat. Explore. We did both. We were supposed to talk about things that started with L because it was the third letter. So we talked about just about everything that started with an L. It was hilarious and very interesting. Then we got tired of thinking of something for every word, so we skipped to the second to the last letter which was dessert. Of course we had ice cream, because what other dessert starts with an I? If you can think of anything comment below! Word to the wise. Do NOT get ice cream from Baskin Robbins. The scoops are failures and are so expensive. So lame. Just don't do it. Go somewhere that gives you ice cream worth your money. Get it together Baskin Robbins. Anyway, I just thought that it was a really cute idea. I had a lot of fun. So if you need help thinking of ideas to do with friends. DO that.

More things that happened this weekend: 

-Somebody that I Used to Know duet 
- Special Needs Mutual Sacrament Meeting (there was not a dry eye in the congregation) 

Alright, I'm sorry that this is so long. I just have a lot to say and a lot of pictures to show you. This morning we had a brunch and it was delicious. My sister planned it all and made it. She's so great. Yum! What did you do this weekend? What are you grateful for this Memorial day? Make sure to tell me below! See you tomorrow! 

There was a Star Wars Convention going on at the Radisson by the Mall. Krystal and I love Star Wars so we had to get a picture. 
City Creek you are so classy. Waste Bags for your doggie. 
 Mom and sister. 


Have a great day everybody!

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