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Monday, June 11, 2012

It's time for a Monday musing. It's a short one but I won't let you down this week. Get ready for some California filled posts. I took a lot of pictures on my little weekend getaway. It was so relaxing and it felt amazing to get out of dry Utah. I just wanted to share a little thought with you before I begin my busy week of uploading photos and writing about what a fun time I had in Cali. (Oooo look I'm using lingo...Cali haha)

As we were driving the very long and sometimes boring drive to California, my brothers and I were marveling at the idea of driving places and traveling in general. We crossed 4 states to get to our final destination LA and San Juan Capistrano, California. We drove all the way through Utah, a corner of Arizona, Nevada, and then down south to California. We got there in a matter of 12 hours in a Honda Accord. We just drove and kept on going unless we needed sustenance and a full tank of gas. We got there in a car. We traveled! We got to a destination in a car! We drove hundreds of miles! It amazed us. In the morning we were home and then that evening we were in a completely different state hundreds of miles away. Isn't traveling amazing? Isn't it beautiful? I am so blessed to be able to go visit beautiful and spectacular places. All I need to do is jump in my car and go...well I really need money and time, but you know what I mean.

If you have the opportunities to travel take them! Go on a quick weekend road trip. Even if it's a mile away (haha), 50 miles, 100, or 500 miles. Just go. Drive, fly (if you can), and have fun. Eat the local food. Go to the holes in the wall. Go to the tourist spots. Find your own perfect area. While I was in California I really wanted to try these tacos my brother raves about and I wanted to go to a beach and eat them. We did exactly that and it will always be a fond memory. I will make it a tradition actually! Find something that you love in the places that you travel to. It will make the experience even more memorable and special.

So today, on this Monday as I am exhausted from a long day of driving, I just want to say if you have the chance, the opportunity to travel. Please do. Go and explore. Get lost. Have fun and be safe. I'll be back tomorrow with my Terrific Tuesday: California Edition. Have a nice night everybody.


  1. Sighhh... Cali. I love it.
    I love traveling. I am glad you got out of Utah--that is healthy. :)
    I usually like to go on a trip a month. Last month was Logan (soooooo far, I know! haha), this month is AZ (I LEAVE TOMORROW), next month is the Oregon coast, and the month after that will probably be Seattle. I looooove love love to travel. I love to move across the landscape in the light of the sun. I love meeting new people. I love that numbness that my rear experiences after being in contact with a seat for over six hours...kinda. haha.
    When I was a kid, my family would go on so many road trips. We would sing as my mom was at the wheel and my dad was in the passenger seat playing the guitar. We mostly sang the Beatles. Then after 2 hours of that we'd stuff our faces and slip into a food coma/food death until the end of the trip, only waking up to relieve our bowels or to fulfill a craving for watermelon flavored sour punch sugar straws.
    From last July until this March, travel was a way for me to run away from things. From boys. From responsibility. From hurt. Even from happiness, sometimes. I just ran from things I feared. I was afraid to feel...
    But now that I have woken up, I don't travel to RUN, I travel to EXPERIENCE, to strengthen bonds with friends and family.
    So I leave for Arizona tomorrow. We're driving through the night. I am going to be the driver of my friend's car. I have amazing nocturnal capabilities, soooo we are driving through the night. We won't see some of the things, but I'm sure the night sky will knock our socks off.

    Anyway. Why do you usually like to travel? Is it to escape from things or to enjoy life? Who did you travel with? Your fam?

  2. Karly, getting out of Utah is extremely healthy. It really does lift your spirits. That is so exciting! I have always wanted to go to Seattle. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trips. When I was young I also loved road trips with my family. We either went to Eastern Washington or Yellowstone (we still go but not as often) we would listen to Styx and 70's music and just have a great time eating junk and waiting for rest stops. I remember the van we drove in. I really miss it. Traveling to experience is the way to go. My friend Leah always does posts about traveling and it just gets me in the spirit of things. Night driving or road tripping is the BEST! I love driving at night and listening to nighttimey/movie music.

    I travel because I want to see the people, eat the food, and discover new places to love. I want to make those places a part of me. I just enjoy life. I travel mostly with my family. I don't travel with friends much but when I do it's sooooo amazing.


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