Playlist Thursday: Tongue Tied and Hunting

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have A LOT of music for you today. I have been working on this playlist since last week, and boy do I have quite the assortment for you. A lot of the songs were recommendations from friends and sweet little discoveries. I hope you find a gem in these songs as I have.

First of all though, I thought I should tell you what we actually listened to on the way to California. My brother made his own mixed CDs so it was fun to see what they had on them. We listened to a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas (I actually really came to love the soundtrack and listening to my brothers sing every word). My brother had 2 CDs full of Disney music. That was a blast. From Little Mermaid to High School Music. We sang every word. Then came some Mindy Gledhill (LOVE HER), Evanescence, Yoga Music, beautiful choral arrangement of Yellow by Coldplay, Gotye, Carly Rae Jepsen, ADELE (FAVORITE) and Cher. I am sure that there was a lot more on those CDs, but as you can tell we had quite the variety of music. Singing along to the music with my brothers was a blast. It's a great feeling, singing with people and not caring how loud or how bad you sound. We sounded pretty great if you ask me. Love those two.

Well now for the real playlist.

1. Ho Hey by the Lumineers
I saw this on a Bing commercial the other day and I couldn't get over this song that was playing in the background. The commercial was about visiting Hawaii and now this song reminds me of exploring Hawaii and bonfires on the beach. I love the "Ho Hey" chant and the dance jingle of the ukulele. I belong with you, you belong with me. You're my sweetheart. Love it. It is now on my summer playlist.

2. Tongue Tied by Grouplove
Pool Party/Beach song right here. Oh man this song pumps me up and makes me want to dance. I just want to sing at the top of my lungs and frolic around when I hear this song.

3. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
This was free on iTunes when I got it. I downloaded it and then didn't listen to it until it came up on my shuffle. Ummmm this song is great. Repetitive, but catchy and awesome. By the way you don't have to watch the music video you can just click the link and listen. It really isn't anything special. The song is the only important part. The best part starts at 1:50 if you want to see it. Nothing better than dance numbers.

4. Things That Hide Away (Green) by The Dear Hunter
Beautiful. Magic. I love the Dear Hunter for these songs. The lyrics just bring me to tears sometimes. The guitar in the background makes me want to fall in love or something.

5.  The Canopy (Green) by The Dear Hunter
Again another favorite by The Dear Hunter. Um yeah just listen. If you wanted to know they have an album called The Color Spectrum and you should just listen to the whole thing. ALL 36 or something songs. It's the color spectrum...genius.

6. Home (White) by The Dear Hunter
FAVORITE SONG BY THEM. By far the best. It is on my all time favorite songs list. I am thinking that I will have to compile a favorite songs list for you and do a playlist post one of these days. His voice and the tension in this song brings me to tears. It's just so beautiful and powerful and amazing. It gets so epic. Love love love love love it. Thank you Jarett and Michael for really getting me into these guys.

7. Heart's a Mess by Gotye
I'm just going to throw this out there. Gotye has become one of my favorite artists ever. I was meant for his music. His music was meant for me. My life would not be complete without it. Okay I exaggerate but seriously I have been looking for him forever and now I have found him. This is from his first album under the name Gotye and it is pretty great. Weird but great. Gah...I love his music. That's all.

Now I have 3 songs that were recommended to me by my dear friend Karly. I have fallen in love with them (I fall in love with everything haha and I listen to them non-stop. 

8. Alex Humphreys' cover of Bon Iver's Flume
I died and went to musical heaven when I heard this. Her voice is a dream. What a talented person she is. Thank you God for creating her (that's what Karly said)

9. Featherstone by The Paper Kites
They need to make an album ASAP or I just need to get their EP ASAP. They are the epitome of sweet, beautiful, and perfect music. It's delicate and lovely.  And we'll hate what we've lost, but we'll love what we find.

10. Bloom by The Paper Kites
I said this when I posted this song on my Facebook, "Sing this to me and I'll love you forever." This song makes me want to fall in love forever with someone and never let go. I want to listen to this while eating copious amounts of pizza, cuddling in a blanket, and whispering sweet nothings into the ear of my beloved. Man I love it. Can I be close to you? I just want to fall in love with this song playing my whole life through. I just went all hopeless romantic on you but it's true.

Now this last one is a song that I received on a mixed tape on my birthday. It's so lovely and perfect. It's by a local band and I hear that they have rooftop concerts in Provo. I want to go to one so badly. I wish I could find a good link for it on Youtube but I can't so go look it up somewhere and let me know if you find one. Man his voice makes me melt.

11. Lullaby by The Moth & the Flame
You're running through daisies, and that's enough for me to be happy. 

Lastly, I am gathering a list of my friends favorite songs at the moment and reasons why they are favorites. I love seeing why people love songs. If you have ONE song that you just LOVE with every fiber of your heart and soul comment below and let me know why you love the song so much. I will eventually make an All-Time Favorites playlist and share mine with you, but for now I want to know yours. AND if you don't mind I might feature them in future playlists. Happy Thursday everybody. Comment below with your weekly playlist. Stay cool. 


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  2. I am back from vaycay! WOOO. Now I can comment on ALLLLL the things :)
    I love EVERY single one of these songs. I was obsessed with tongue-tied for awhile there. It really spoke to me and made me love life when loving life was a little hard. Also, I love that song by Moth and the Flame--thanks for the recommendation. Also, I LOVE free indie downloads on iTunes. They used to be the highlight of my week...and then I found a new highlight of the week....READING PLAYLIST THURSDAY ENTRIES!!! :)

    Anyway...ONE song that I love with every fiber of my heart and soul???
    That's a toughie...but I can make this decision.
    -"Lifening" by Snow Patrol
    It seems like I always come back to Snow Patrol. Not only do they remind me of my best guy friend, they also really speak to my soul. Their songs are pretty simple a lot of the time.
    The first time I heard this song was at sunset driving from Provo to St. George. I was in the car with my best guy friend (driving past Lehi, I think) and because of his presence and this song playing I was able to really soak in the scenery and the beauty of the rural landscape. The sun was melting in the water of a lake and the orange light was brushing the seemingly endless vivid green grassy fields. The road before us was purple-y blue with promise of a beautiful ending to the day...
    “A hand upon my forehead
    the joke and then the laugh
    Waking up in your arms
A place to call my own

    This is all I ever wanted from life
    This is all I ever wanted from life”

    I love this song because, like this blog, it makes me think about the simple but REAL and important things in life. And it makes me smile. :D

    Now for the rest of this week’s playlist...You will observe that it is pretty much purely composed of love songs..haha, yeah...:)

    "Till there was you" Music Man/Beatles
    --There will come a moment in your life when you completely understand the feeling that is sung about in this song. “There were birds in the sky, but I never saw them winging...till there was you.” Someone will come into your life and wake you up and that murky filter over your eyes that you had NO idea was there will be lifted. From then on, when you are with that person--think about that person--you will see, hear, and feel everything clearly---everything will be vibrant.
    When I heard this song and KNEW that I feel this for someone--that I UNDERSTAND, that I feel what the lyrics and music are together-- I felt so full.

    “Real Love” by Regina Spektor
    --This is a cover of a Beatles song. SOOO good. The emotion put into it is perfect.

    “High and Dry” by Radiohead
    --Plain and simple: this song sounds like falling in love. And it’s beautiful.

    “Darling, I Do” by Lucy Schwartz and Landon Piig

    --Soo....Landon Piig had me at his song “Falling in Love at the Coffee Shop” (I HIGHLY recommend that song), but this duet with Lucy killed me in the best way. It’s a sweet and genuine song about two people who love each other and see each other for who they really are. Not your usual shallow love song, y’know. It’s real. And it actually reminds me a bit of “Till there was you.” This song makes me smile a lot :)

    “Tomorrow” by Niki & the Dove
This song is a little different...Kinda like Passion Pit and Phoenix meet the B-52’s. I really like it.
    And it’s a love song. Ohhhh yeah.

    “Somebody” and “Good Day (Andrew Maury Remix)” by Jukebox the Ghost

    --These songs are just really good, upbeat songs that I associate with love. I fell in love with Jukebox when I watched a video on Vimeo called “Love Tap.” It’s a cute story about not letting chances for love get away from you. I now pass this goodness along to you (I hope the following link takes you to the video)

    “Come Go With Me” by The Beach Boys
    --SO much of the good things in life are in this song: love, happiness, and sunshine.

    (p.s. I deleted a previous comment because it was not indented correctly and therefore was not easily legible)

    1. I missed your comments! I hope you had the best VACAY EVERRRRR!!! The Moth & the Flame is a local band from Provo! We need to go to a concert...yeahhhh! Every song you give me is a treasure Karly! For reallll. I love all the love songs. They are the best.


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