Friday Favorites: Nutella and Toast

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday again! I love Fridays. I think I appreciate them WAY more when I'm at school, but they are pretty great here at home too. Fridays mean the weekend and a break from the stress from the week. Fridays mean a Favorites post on my blog. Also, since today is Friday that means tomorrow is Saturday, and tomorrow marks the 2 weeks until I leave for Washington DC. Oh man I can't wait. I might just make a post about it tomorrow. We'll see. I have a lot of Favorites this week so I'll stop blabbing on and get to it.

1. Music Discoveries/Spotify
I don't know what it was but this week I was introduced to probably some of the best music I have ever heard. I even started a playlist on Youtube to save some of these great songs I have found. Youtube is awesome because you can click on one song and then it will lead you to a bunch of other ones that start to grow on you. Then, you can add other songs that you love and it is just so great. The playlist is really small right now and I'm not completely satisfied with all of the songs, but I can't wait for it to grow some more. Discovering new music is the best. If you have music that you want to share with me please comment below or send a link to the video so I can add it to "Infinities". Yeah that's my cheesy name for the playlist. I also have an "Infinities" playlist on Spotify that I love. I just started putting loads of songs on it, and I was reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and then Infinities just stuck. Did I just make any sense? So if you have a Spotify you should check that playlist of mine out. Spotify has really helped me feed my music addiction, especially since music costs money which I don't have and I want so much music right now. Also, one last thing my last Playlist Thursday post has basically my favorite songs of the week, so you should check that out if you haven't yet. Okay now I'm going to stop telling you what to do and get to the rest of this.

2. Granola/ Nutella and Toast
My mom buys this absolutely tasty Cinnamon Raisin Granola that is the best with soy milk.
Breakfast of Champions

3.  Goals!
This week I decided I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. This might be difficult because of my love for food and my computer, but I have a feeling it really is going to make a difference in my life. It really deserves a post on its own, but I made some goals, wrote them downs, taped them on my wall, and now I am trying to fulfill them. I will write a post about it later. Stay tuned.

4. Family
I really think I mention my family in every single one of my Friday Favorites posts but really...I LOVE MY FAMILY. Every week I just come to love them more and more and more. Oh man that's a lot of love people. Whether it's being crazy with my sister, or taking awkward pictures at Laguna Beach with my two brothers...I can't help but love them all so much. Thank you parents for creating me and my siblings. That was awesome of you.
5.  Reuniting with Friends
This week I got to see two friends from high school. One I am extremely close with. She is my best friend. The other, we have had a lot of rough patches and things didn't end the best between us after high school. It was an interesting feeling. With one friend the talk was easy and we laughed about everything. We ate ice cream (our favorite) and Wendy's fries (our other favorite). We sat out on a Pocahontas blanket and looked at the stars while we talked about life and memories. It was so wonderful. Then, with this other friend there were awkward silences and I desperately was trying to keep my emotions leveled. It's hard when someone has caused grief in your life. Sometimes you just want to scream at them and tell them everything you feel about them and how hurt you are. The thing is...the night with that friend wasn't entirely bad. It was a little awkward at first but by the end of the night we were laughing and talking like old friends again. Still, there was a void when this friend dropped me off at my house. There was still a distance that I don' think can ever be fixed. We talked about personal and very thought provoking things, but I didn't feel the connection that I felt with my best friend just days before. Isn't it interesting how relationships and friendships work? Life is one big social network. It's complicated sometimes and other times it's just how you want it to be.

6. Pinterest 
Oh gee, this should be a favorite every week. Seriously though. Here is the pin that inspired a lot of what I wore this week.  I love the button down tucked into the colored jeans. I wore my mint and coral jeans with just about everything this week. If I could find you a link to mint jeans I would...but I am not going to post a link to jeans that I don't really think are worth the price. What has been your closet inspiration this week? Comment below!
American Eagle
7.  Tumblr 
Mini tumbloglovin'
I love these tumblogs and you should check them out. They have inspired me all week.
-A Well Traveled Woman 
-Bippity Boppity Boo
-Bistro Petit
-Better Than Fine
-The Little Things I Love
-Modern Hepburn

Well those are all of my favorites for the week. Sorry if everything was a little scattered. I will try to be a bit more organized next time. Make sure to comment below with your favorites below. Have a great Friday and start to the weekend everybody. Stay cool and stay golden.

P.S. I cannot BELIEVE that I forgot this favorite. Oh my goodness. 
Just click the link and enjoy the deliciousness. One of the many reasons why I want to travel. The food. 


  1. First of all: OMG I just saw your playlist on youtube and "Tomorrow" is on there....So you already know about this wonderful song that I recommended to you on Playlist Thursday. This is good---this means we are music soul mates! WOOO

    And good for you for trying to be healthier. I know that you will love it. I know that when I am good about eating healthy I have more focus, energy, and happiness! It's soooo beneficial. I know you can do this :)

    My Friday Favorites:

    1. Being appreciated :)
    I took a couple days off of work and when I went into work last Monday, my co-worker, Nick, smiled THE hugest smile I have ever seen, gave me a hug, and said to me,"OH YYYYYAAAAAYYYY! You're back! I missed you. You brighten my day. I am glad that you are back." It was nice to know that I am capable of making someone's day

    (we interrupt this message with a message. I am listening to a FANtastic song as I write to you. "The Things You Want (Remixed by Ensemble) by Find the Others. I actually recommend everything by them. "And the Bells they Rang" and "In Time" are amazing. Also, by the same guy look up "Dragonfly Helicopter" and "After the War" by Andy Sheppard--these ones are bright guitar songs that sound like sunshine...mmm.)

    2. The Temple.
    This week I went by myself. It's nice going with friends. But it's extra rewarding when you can just be with yourself and God on a 40 minute walk to the temple and then serve within His house. I am in love with the temple.

    3. Sleeping.
    You may or may not have already known this, but I get VERY little sleep. I stay up until anywhere from 2-5am every night and get up at 7am. Of course I nap after work, but I work best on art and stuff in the early morning hours. This weekend I went to AZ with a friend and it was way nice to sleep on vacation.

    4. Celebrating life, food, and dreams.
    My best guy friend (you know what, let's call him "Chip"), CHIP, made it into the animation program. I was the first person he called about it and he invited me to celebrate with him by getting some BYU ice cream, oreos, and watching some Avatar:The Last Airbender, and laughing. I was happy that all his hard work had paid off. Since he found out, he's been more energetic and less stressed and had more confidence in his abilities. It is so beautiful that his dreams are in his reach now.

    5. Learning
    I am not taking any classes this term, but I am enjoying educating myself. I have read up on some art history things, some psychology things, and I am beginning to learn the 1920s Jazz Charleston.

    6. Walls Coming Down
    I ALWAYS talk. Or at least I feel that way. But "Chip" talked a lot this week. He's usually the listener, the quiet one, one that hides his feelings and thoughts. But it was good to listen to him as he, brick by brick, started taking down his three-foot-tall wall between me and him. The wall that he had up between us has always been short enough to look over, but at first it was to tall to just step over; I'd say it was about 5 feet tall at the beginning. And now, since that three-hour listening session, it's down just a one-foot-tall wall. Someday, hopefully, we'll both be on the same side of the wall.

    7. Friends and Family
    These people make me laugh, feel loved. They feed me. They laugh at my weird jokes and faces. They make me feel worth something. And I am grateful for them.

    1. 1. Thank you for your encouragement and love. I really do think you are amazing. WE ARE MUSIC SOUL MATES!!!

      2. Being appreciated is an AMAZING feeling. I love those moments where someone treats you like you're alive.

      3. I need to go to the temple way more. My mom went this morning and I feel terrible that I didn't tag along. She was going for a meeting but I still wish I could have gone with heer.

      4. Sleep fixes everything. I know many will disagree but it can clear the mind, get you better, rejuvenate. I love sleep.


      6. Oh man I need to learn more in life. I spend most of my summer reading, but I guess that's a form of learning too right?

      7. I sure hope you two get to be on the same side of the wall. I love listeners and I love talkers. We just need a good balance of both.

      8. Hahaha I love family for the same reasons that you do.


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