Wishlist Wednesday: I wish I was in Cali

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

California picture post of our second day there! I didn't post all of them but I thought you should just  ENJOY some of them! Let's go.
American Horror Story Mansion...worth 17 million dollars, right in the middle of Korea Town
 You could only take a picture with him if you tipped...I took one anyway.
 Luxury fail. Look how they spelled Luxurious.
 The Los Angeles Temple. A little piece of Heaven.
 The Christus
 Another view of the temple.
Laguna! My favorite. 

Spencer loves the show so we had to go see the house. Naturally.
The photo uploader was being a real pain so it mixed some photos up. This last one was supposed to be the second forgive. Well that's all for today. I wish I was there. I will post more pictures on my Facebook if you are friends with me there. Have a great night everybody.

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