Terrific Tuesday: Happiness Is...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have been so excited to write this post ALL week! Well...since last Tuesday anyway. Guys, today is the beginning of something that I really think will change my view on life. I think it will make my summer and coming school year so much better. So much happier. So much clearer. I know that this will help me get through the tough stuff, because let's face it...tough stuff happens. C'est la vie. It's nothing new and I'm sure you have seen it before, but I love it so much that I want it to be a part of my blog. So since today is TERRIFIC TUESDAY I thought, why not?! Today's post is the beginning of my "Happiness Is..." posts. The other day while I was updating my tumblr, I saw this: 
When I read this...I felt happy. I felt inspired. It made me reflect upon what makes me happy. What is happiness to me? That's why I want to do these posts every once and awhile on Tuesday. They will help remind me what happiness really is. The simple things. The special things. The rare things. The oh so normal things that you don't even realize are there. I know for a fact that I have felt this happiness when a simple sheet keeps me warm enough that I drift into a deep sleep. I have experienced that hot night and the cool relief. It really does make you happy. Happiness can be found in the strangest and most interesting places. With these posts, I want to share what happiness is to me. Hopefully we can all see happiness in life. Without further ado...

Happiness is...

1. Lime Rickies on a hot summer night.

2. Listening to your sister laugh at the nerdy pins she finds on pinterest. She will laugh at anything that makes a joke that is LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc. related. Hearing her crack up makes me happy. Laughter is good.

3. Days at the pool. The other day my sister and I went to the pool and it was such a fun day. Granted, my swimsuit faded and I am now swimsuit-less. It still was a fantastic day. We got to eat pizza and splash water. It was great. We know how to party! (I put in a picture of the suit...you can imagine how sad I was that I had to return it.)

4. Fruit. I feel like summer is the season for fruit. My dad loves eating it with caramel. He says it was a very rare treat from him childhood. I got some cute pictures of him eating a fruit salad and dulce de leche. He was on foodee heaven. That makes me happy because he is happy. Face it...food makes you happy too.
5. Finally, happiness is the beautiful morning that I am able to witness as I write this post. I am sitting on the back patio and the sun is creating this beautiful glow. The birds are singing and everything is green. What a beautiful earth. As they would say in Oklahoma, "Oh what a beautiful morning!" Yep this makes me pretty happy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everybody. Are you feeling happy today? Have you seen a little snippet of happiness in something recently? Please comment below I would love to read about it. Also, stay tuned for more of these posts! I have a wishlist for you tomorrow, so I'll see you then! Peace.


  1. When I make my mom laugh. It's always so uplifting to me when she laughs or smiles. Also the nights when I am sitting on my front porch by myself and the street lights are bright, there is a baseball game at the fairgrounds and I can hear the same lady read the scores on the mega phone that has always done it since I can remember. and while I am out side it feel like something is going to happen, even if nothing is, it feels like I am going to see someone I know or someone is coming over, idk its dumb but that is what happieness is to me.

  2. Spencer, that really is amazing. I love it when I amuse my parents! I also love just moments alone. That really is happiness. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I am VERY happy this week, Dani. I have also been very busy. I had the honor of helping my dearest friend apply to the BYU animation program by assisting him with documenting and compiling his artwork. There have been many sleepless nights, many oreos consumed, and few 20-minute power naps during the days this week. (This is what i have been doing all week and this is the reason why i am late to unleash upon you ALLLL THE COMMENTS)
    The times with that best man friend of mine were special, unifying, and were great times for service opportunities, but it certainly doesn't compare to the sacred and humbling experience of attending the temple this Tuesday. Nothing makes me happier than to travel to the temple with a concerned heart and exit with a heart full of peace and clarity. That kind of happiness is the kind that keeps me satiated all week long.

  4. Oooo Karly how fun. I helped my brother when he was applying for his BFA in Photography. It was one of those weeks. I hope all goes well for your friend. I am so happy that you are happy. The temple really is happiness and so is service. Nothing like the Gospel to make you the happiest person alive.


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