Terrific Tuesday: The Perfect Day

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I leave for Washington DC this Saturday. So excited. 5 more days, including today! I can't wait. That makes this Tuesday even more terrific. In other news, I voted wearing an old Weber High School T-shirt. AND a sweet man thanked me for voting. He was just some random guy in line and I could tell that he meant it. What a cool guy. Thank you to him for making my Tuesday terrific. Okay. SO...onto the title of this post.

The other day I was exploring the world of tumblr and I came upon this post about Justin Vernon (the front man of Bon Iver). He was asked about what his "perfect day" would be. And it wasn't like the Miss Congeniality answer. No in fact it was one of the most beautiful and magical things I have ever read.
This made me think about what my perfect day would be. I don't think I would smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey, or make love to the light of fireflies on a back porch (even though that all sounds beautiful coming from the mouth of a man who has the voice of heaven). We all have our own ideas of the perfect day, and today I am going to share my perfect day with you. It can really be summed up in another picture that I found on tumblr.
You see, I think the same way as Justin does. A perfect day would be spent with the perfect person for me. Maybe I wouldn't want to sit on a couch. I would like to be in some special place. Like a field of poppies, or a little thicket full of trees with glimmering green leaves. We would listen to only the most beautiful music. And we would sing along softly. Everything would sound like peace, the universe, heaven and we would dance in that field, slow dance specifically. We would eat our copious amounts of pizza and we would drink root beer from ice cold mugs. Then at night we would gaze up through the clearing and look at the stars and gaze in wonder at the infinities above us. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

What would your perfect day be? Let me know! Have a beautiful day friends!

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