Update: Yo Dani...where have you been?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Though it seems that I have given up on this blog, I have not. I have just had a whirlwind of a week I tell you. I really should be in Washington DC right now, but alas I am not, and I will get into that with this update. I just want to tell you what has been going on in the least amount of words possible. Shall we begin? Yes.

1. Saturday morning. Woke up. Headed to the airport. After a 4 hour delay and hassle with Delta airlines, our huge trip was canceled. Unfortunately, we could not work around hotels, car rentals, and pushing our trip back for two days. It just wasn't working. We seriously wanted to go, we are sad we couldn't, but really if you had gone through what we had to...you would know there was nothing we could do. DC we will just have to see you another fourth of July.

2. So we went to Yellowstone (our go-to vacation spot) . That's where I was this past week. That's why I haven't been posting anything on pinterest, tumblr, or here. Sorry not sorry.

3. I am now back from the world's first National park. It was absolutely lovely.

4. I got a swimsuit. FINALLY!

5. I hope you all had a happy fourth!

6. Stay tuned for my regular posts. K see ya bye.


  1. Seriously what a strange thing to happen! I have honestly never heard of that happening before. But I do love Yellowstone... it's where I fell in love for the first time. It's such a beautiful place so I'm happy you were able to enjoy it!

    Also- can you post a link to the swimsuit you bought... I love swimsuits :)

    1. Leah it was a vacation disaster. So strange right? There was this girl there that was flying home to DC after EFY...and she couldn't get home. And she wouldn't be able to for like 2 days. I felt so bad for her. She was all alone. Thank goodness she had family friends in Provo. We aren't giving up on our DC trip though.

      AWWW you fell in love in Yellowstone for the first time? I love that so much.

      Also, yes I will post a link for the swimsuit. I need to find one first but when I do I will include it in a post!


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