5 Facts Saturday: Top 5 Favorite Disney movies

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fact #1: My all-time favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas. I know, I know, the story is not accurate in any way, but seriously who cares when it has the best love story, and most beautiful orchestration ever? I was in Yellowstone this past week, and it always gets me in a Pocahontas mood. My siblings and I sing "Just Around the Riverbend", and "Colors of the Wind" when we are driving through the park. I love it. I will also include this, the last minute and 30 seconds of that movie makes me cry like a little baby. Seriously I cry so much when I watch that movie.

Fact #2: My second favorite you ask? The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is definitely one of Disney's darker stories, but the music is so beautiful and the story is just so captivating. It does have mature themes in it for sure, but I didn't really understand them as a child.  I mean Frollo is the ultimate creeper, but the story of Quasimodo is really quite beautiful and inspiring. Favorite song: "Out There" (so inspiring it makes you want to cry, you live your dream Quasi!) Favorite Moment: When Quasimodo climbs to the top with the dying Esmeralda in his arms and cries "SANCTUARY!" as he lifts her above his head "tarzan" style. It's just so powerful. If you don't like the storyline, just listen to the music. It makes the movie. And then in the end you really do figure out "who is the monster and who is the man?"

Fact #3: Third favorite. The Lion King of course. I am crying the first 5 minutes into the movie. The Circle of Life gets me every time. If you didn't notice already, I cry a lot when it comes to Disney movies. It's a really symbolic movie. It is a reminder that we must always remember who we are, and never forget our purpose in life. Lions have a way of teaching you that.

Fact #4: Mulan is my fourth favorite. Mulan is just a powerful heroine. She really doesn't quit with the awesomeness. She has a good heart and she is always wanting to do the right thing, even when people look down on her for it. She just wants to be who she is truly meant to be.  She saves China for heavens sake! Do you know how many people there are to save in China? Yeah a lot. You go girl!

Fact #5: Final favorite Disney movie on my Top 5? Beauty and the Beast. Who could ever learn to love a beast? Belle, of course! It's a story that teaches you to love someone for their heart, soul, personality, and character. Not their looks. I also love the music and the fact that Belle is a bookworm.

I love all Disney movies so be sure to share with me your favorites! Have a great weekend everybody. Be safe. Eat good food. Stay golden!


    Those are all really good ones. As an artist, it's hard for me to choose favorites. I love the spiritual and physical transformation of the Beast at the end of the Beauty and the beast. I love the color schemes and art of Sleeping Beauty. The Hunchback of Notre Dame's music kills me in a good way---"Heaven's Light"--sigghhhh. All of those Disney movies---QUALITY.

    My favorites in no particular order:
    Lion King
    Wall E
    Sleeping Beauty
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Bambi (Bambi's actually the reason I started drawing)
    Beauty and the Beast

    . . . . ALL OF THEM.

    1. Ahhhh I love that you love Disney. Who doesn't love Disney?


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