Yellowstone 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

I got back from Yellowstone this past Friday, and thought I should share with you some of the pictures that I took on the trip. Enjoy and have a great Monday!
First stop: Jackson Hole, WY for the Alpine Slide

After a day of sliding and swimming we hit up Bubba's for DELICIOUS bar-b-que. YUM!

Dad, daughter, brother

The trees by Lewis Lake in Yellowstone NP.

The wind was blowing...Mom was cold. What's new? Love her.

Spencer was tired after a night of no sleep due to allergies so he caught some shut eye. Yes those are towels.

Spent an hour at Yellowstone Lake. Skipping rocks, looking at birds, being jealous of kayaks and their passengers.

Yes...I took a picture with a fake bison.

Old Faithful
Tall and faithful as ever.

The siblings and I took the 2 mile walk to Morning Glory Pool. Poor thing is dying. She used to be so much more colorful.

Another pool. Beautiful blue. The camera seriously doesn't do it justice.
We ate dinner in the Lake area that night, and we were graced with a wonderful Fourth of July parade, by the workers in the area. Thank you for making our day just a bit brighter.

Inspiration Point (Artist's point) 
It looks like a painting. Lower falls.

The next morning we decided to make our way down Uncle Tom's Trail. I think it's a 6,000 foot descent. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, you go down, down, down.

Dad making his way down. What a beautiful trail, surrounded by trees. Nature at its best.

Dad and siblings going down the first long flight of stairs. There were many.

You can't tell but over the railing, there is a cliff and a bunch of mist from Lower Falls.

Mom and I had wobbly knees. So many stairs, and there is an illusion as if you are walking on the rocks because you can see through the stairs. If that makes sense, it's kinda creepy. BUT AWESOME!

My beautiful mom making her way down. Imagine climbing back up.'s rough.

Lower Falls. A shot from the end of the trail. You stand on this platform and fight for a clear view. Thank goodness a lot of people were making their way back up. It gets crowded. 

Trees on the trail. So beautiful. If you go to Yellowstone I definitely recommend making your way down Uncle Tom's. The way down is easy, the way up is hard, but both ways are just absolutely stunning. As I said before, Nature at its best.


  1. We ALWAYS go to Bubba's! I'm so happy you had a good time there!

    1. You do? Oh I love that! Traditions! Thank you Leah.

  2. Your family is SO cool. . . Yellowstone is BEAUTIFUL. I have NEVER been there. But I think I should go! Sigh. I want to go on a nature getaway. You, my friend, are having a FANTASTIC summer :) And that morning glory pool is beautiful. *I* want to take a picture with a fake bison! I feel like I need to go on a nature adventure and get in touch with my bison side or something now. . . or I can just live vicariously through your blog as always. haha :)

    1. Karly you NEED to go to Yellowstone at least once in your life. It really is a beautiful place. If you need any ideas of where to go...ask this girl.


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