Happiness Is...being a dreamer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today has definitely been a terrific one. A tiring one, but yes a terrific one. I finally got Valley Boy's birthday present put together, the only thing I'm missing is candy. What kind of candy do guys like? Really I'm being serious, I haven't had to get a birthday present for a boy in a long time. Help. Thank you! 

Alright, so today I want to talk about being a dreamer and doing what you have always wanted to do. I will be brief and I will use as many cliches as I want to. Dream people. Just do it. Really. If you want to do something go do it. Live your dream. Go travel the world. Do everything you can to do it. That will probably require a lot of money. Which will require work. BUT hey, we should be willing to work for our dreams. That's what makes living the dream so worth it. If you want a purpose go make one for yourself. Your purpose can be bringing a smile to the world, helping dogs at a shelter, greeting people at walmart, smiling at a random person, teaching someone how to sew. Everyone has a purpose and if you don't think you have one....I promise you...you do. Always be willing to learn, dreams require learning and a lot of patience. Go on an adventure. Live a little. No don't go all YOLO on me...I mean do something fun. Eat something fattening. Tell someone you like them. Collect ceramic unicorns. Bake cupcakes. Be a concert pianist. Live on an island surrounded by enormous piles of money. Go look at the floating lanterns. Use your 20 twenty seconds of courage. Sometimes you will be left discouraged. Sometimes you'll think, how is this making me happy? I promise you though, if you never give up and keep believing you will be happy. Dreams are supposed to make you happy. I think so anyway. Live. Your. Dream. Dreams. I am a dreamer and I always want to be this way.  That's all.
Photo courtesy of Tumblr. I always find beautiful stuff on there. Really though, this is me in a nutshell.


  1. My favorite guy likes oreos...that's not REALLY candy. But whatever. He likes chocolate.
    I know that this is WAY past valley boy's birthday, so what did you end up doing for his birthday present? :)
    Cliches are cliches because they are TRUE. So thank you for reminding me that I should just do what I want. I LOVE your reference to Tangled. haha. One of the things that hit me is when you said "tell someone you like them." I'll tell you why later on in this comment. There are SO many things that I want to learn and do...and I can just do all of them. The other day my bestie, Kelli, was stalking one of her co-workers on Facebook. Turns out she's done A LOT of different things. Like, she's this beautiful girl that's got two kids and she's been a construction worker, a landscaper, a secretary--whatever, you name it. And I realized how much I want to do. Like take a ballroom dancing class even though I am not really a dancer, I want learn the banjo, I want to teach an art class to kindergarteners and college students, I want to be an art history professor, I want to teach 2nd grade, I want to play the piano. . .
    I want to do SO MANY THINGS. And then I think of the person I want to do ALL OF IT with. . . he's the one I always talk about (I have nick name for him that I would use in comments on here that i can't remember). And I think about how I haven't told him that I like him. And I will eventually. I just know it's not the right time right now. I think he is slowly coming to realize his feelings for me. It's a LOOOOONG story. There has been a little turbulence here and there--but all the best stories have villains and trials. Without those things, there wouldn't be a resolution. Like in music. What makes a good song is a building force and then a release---a resolution. An explosion of sound and then you get chills and everything ends beautifully. A song that specifically comes to mind in this scenario is a song from the Pocahontas score called, "Farewell."

    1. Karly, I got him my favorite book and I made him a mixed CD. He told me he loved it. I think he meant it so I felt great. His Dad's a dentist so I decided to check if he was allowed to eat candy first. Hahaha. He can. So next time I'll be getting him candy and oreos. BECAUSE he likes Oreos too!

      Aw....this has to be one of the best comments I have ever read. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish you the best in your adventures. I hope you go on them, and I hope things work out with Man BestFriend. Really though go and live your dreams. Is that the nickname? Yes.

      Oh my gosh. "Farewell" makes me sob every time.


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