Wishlist Wednesday: Madewell

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It is 6:10 in the morning, I am wide awake and have been since 2:59 AM. Rough night? Yes. Most definitely. Insomnia and I are not friends. I'm wondering why I'm not some great musician/writer/painter. I mean didn't all the great ones suffer from some sort of sleep deprivation? ...Okay I don't know if that's true but the lead singer of The Shins suffers from insomnia and wrote a whole record about it. And it's actually pretty good. So why am I not super talented in those areas? I don't know because I'm obviously meant to be talented in other things like writing this Wishlist post.

As you can see by the title, the majority of the items in this post are from Madewell. More specifically, Madewell's sale section. Really though...there isn't much of a sale because I suffer from "expensive taste" syndrome. It's not the most budget/college friendly thing. Always remember though, there are always cheaper alternatives everywhere. Seriously I have seen a ton of the items I'm posting at stores like Forever 21, Target, Love Culture, Zara, H&M, etc.  A girl can dream though. UNLESS you have insomnia. Alright why don't we just get started?

American Eagle
Colored jeans/jeggings/trousers/pants are really in for summer right now, but in the stores I have been seeing a lot of printed/patterned pants and I am really loving that. I want to jump on that bandwagon ASAP.  What really got me hooked was a pair of lavender jeggings with white polka dots at American Eagle. Oh my goodness...they are just so cute. They have a great zipper detail at the ankle that I love. I just think they are so unique and fun for summer. Plus, they would look great with basic tops.

Also from American Eagle...
American Eagle Jeggings
1, 2
And let's not forget this beautiful pair I found while browsing through Madewell.
Now it has been really hot here, and I mean REALLY. We usually don't get triple digit temperatures in Northern Utah, so this weather really has been scorching, and sometimes jeggings just aren't cutting it. So I included some fun shorts that I definitely want to fit into my summer wardrobe. 
 I love these shorts because they are made of a silk material which is really flowy and airy for summer time. They could pass for a skirt really.  The pattern and color are great for a statement piece. I love the way they are styled in the link. Very simple but very unique at the same time.
As you all know, I am a sucker for anything lace and anything chambray/denim. So...you know I couldn't pass up showing you this combo. Adorable? YES!

A Wishlist Wednesday wouldn't be complete without a skirt.
Madewell, 1, 2
I have been obsessed with everything Natalie Holbrook has been wearing on her blog. In her recent posts she has been wearing a lot of midi skirts and I just really got inspired by that. They can be dressed up or down and they are great for everyday wear.

When I was in Yellowstone this past week, I really got in the spirit to wear campy/nature/wilderness clothes. Boy, I am using a lot of //// today. Anyway, I just really love the outdoors and the feeling of camping and the spirit of nature. I think it's really fun and inspiring actually. I think that's why I love rainy weather, forests, star gazing, and fall so much because you can wear that kind of style and feel cool and all that jazz. I will admit I went a little crazy, especially since I can't really wear a lot of this stuff right now seeing as the weather could bake cookies in a car, but I wanted to share with you anyway!  
Shoes for Nature
1, 2, 3
I have wanted a pair of Hunter Wellies ever since I saw Naomi from The Rockstar Diaries wearing them in one of her posts. I am a big fan of the Original Tall Wellington boot, but seriously HOW AWESOME are the Original British? I just want both...and that's not good. Also, I think the ankle boot moccasins are pretty fantastic. I would wear those every day of my life.

 These next two items are probably my FAVORITE picks in this wishlist. Unfortunately, I can't provide a link because they sold out so quickly on Madewell, and I'm not surprised. Because look at these two lovely things. Two perfect parkas. Now is the time to get them too because they aren't in season. Man...it's a shame that they are sold out. I will be on the hunt for similar versions.

Outerwear for the Wilderness

Alright, I'm almost finished. This has been quite the post. Just two more honorable mentions and a random post that I just felt like including.

Honorable mentions: (nothing too unique but something that I want enough that it gets a mention in the wishlist) 
Stripe Popover Tunic: J.Crew

Broken Arrow Belt: Madewell
Lastly, my random wishlist item:

Wearing a cardigan over my wedding dress. Nothing says Dani Ruiz like a cardigan over some sort of dress. It's like my version of converse with a dress...except WAY cooler. Yeah I know. Hipster. Ah...isn't it just exceptionally lovely? I think so. I just might copy this for my (far into the future) wedding.

That's it! I am done! Still wide awake and thinking that it is time to go for a run/walk. Make sure to comment below with your wishlist items. They can be anything. I would love to read about them. What have you been wishing for? Have a nice day everybody.

P.S. Hungry?


  1. I love that you love the Shins. My goodness, they are magical. Which album was written about sleeplessness? Was it the one with Sleeping Lessons on it by chance? hehe.
    I have expensive taste, too....man. But Target makes it all better for me. :)
    " A girl can dream though. UNLESS you have insomnia. " AHAHAHA. That is funny.
    I love the polka-spotted jeggings. And the cardi over wedding dress combo. SO cute. You are the cutest person.

    1. The Shins are magical! Yes, the album is Wincing the Night Away. So gooooooood. Target does make everything better. Target was my life when I was at school. I can't wait to be by a nice Target again. Ohhhhhh shucks. I love you. You are the cutest.


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