Playlist Thursday: Birthday Playlist and a Discovery

Thursday, July 12, 2012

First order of business, and it's kind of random, but I don't have to get my wisdom teeth out this week. Turns out my Great-Uncle is visiting from Puerto Rico and I can't be in bed while they are here. SO I don't have to do anything to my mouth until the 31st. I know it's better to get these things done, but seriously, I would much rather hang out with my family that I never get to see than stay in bed all day. Those 4 impacted babies in my mouth can hold on just a few more weeks and I'll just deal with the tenderness.

Second order of business, this week I spent all my time making a playlist for Valley Boy ( I call him "Valley Boy" because my Dad insists on calling him that.)  He gave me one for my birthday so I thought it would only be right to make him one in return. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I made a pretty darn good playlist. I have Karly to thank for most of it. Thank you Karly for the amazing music you share with me. Music soulmates. Give it a listen why dontcha? I would put a link for it on Spotify but not everyone has Spotify so I will just type it up on here. You can thank me later. Cool? Cool.

1. In Your Light- Gotye
2. I Got- Young the Giant
3. The King and All of His Men- Wolf Gang
4. Roslyn- Bon Iver & St. Vincent
5. C'mon Talk (Live)- Bernhoft
6. I Feel Better- Gotye
7. Simple Song- The Shins
8. Tomorrow- Niki & the Dove
9. Bloom- The Paper Kites
10. Yellow- Scala & Kolacny Brothers
11. Take a Walk- Passion Pit
12. Called Out in the Dark- Snow Patrol
13. Learnalilgivinanlovin'- Gotye
14. Bronte- Gotye
15. Friends and Lovers- Incubus
16. Anna Sun- Walk the Moon
17. Wake Up- Arcade Fire
18. Lisbon, OH- Bon Iver
19. Beth/Rest- Bon Iver

 Third order of business, I will highlight the songs that I haven't featured on my playlist posts before so you can check those out and listen to something other than Gotye and Bon Iver. Tee hee...forgive.

Fourth order, I discovered Ed Sheeran this week. I am in love. Go check out his album "+" It's so good. I will definitely be putting some of his songs on future playlists.

Also, I discovered "Friday Night Lights" it's Valley Boy's favorite show, he told me to watch it and so I did. Now I am hooked. We need more Matt Saracen's on this planet. 

Fifth order, remember when I said I would be sharing songs that my friends said were their favorites well I have one for you today!

The first person I asked has been one of my best friends since 2nd grade. He is one of the strongest people I know and the song he picked was just so fitting for his life and personality. His favorite song is "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. The reasons he loves it so much are very personal, but I hope you can listen and reflect on the people you won't give up on. On the people that won't give up on you. If you are struggling right now, don't give up. Never ever give up. Thank you friend for sharing such a beautiful song and story. I love you.

Make sure to share your music picks of the week with me! Have a splendid day. Do what is right. Stay golden, and I will be back tomorrow with my favorites. 


  1. Birthday playlists are the beeeeessssttt!!! :)

  2. YOU are welcome, music soulmate!! :) And I just LOVE the new Passion Pit album. SOOO GOOD. And ED SHEERAN IS A SIR. I love him.
    My picks for the week that this lovely post was posted are as follows. My playlists are usually in sync with my mood or what is going on in my life. Sometimes. And this is how I remember all the songs of the week:

    1. The Past and Pending- The Shins
    I love songs that are simple and slowly swell--that's the kind of song this is. It's like falling in love. This is the kind of the song that makes me want to learn ALL the songs on guitar.

    2. Perfect- Color Coding
    The week of July 12 was a really good week. A really happy week. A week that I would literally dance out of my bed and bounce to work whilst listening to this song. It's the perfect way to start a day.

    3. Ordinary Day- Vanessa Carlton
    Only when I am at the peak of happiness do I return to listening to Vanessa Carlton and stuff like hers. This is a happy and cute song. It reminds me of Junior a good way. And the reason I love this song SO much is because every time I listen to it, I see the Viennese waltz done on So You Think You Can Dance and I totally geek out. It's so beautiful. It's a minute and a half. Go watch it. NOW. >>>

    4. Tomorrow- Niki and the Dove
    (still married to this song)

    5. "California" and "Circus Girl" - Mindy Gledhill
    More overly upbeat music that is girly and lovey and cute. :)

    6. Candlelight- Relient K
    See? More bright and happy stuff. Hehehe.

  3. ohhhhhh, p.s., sorry about your wisdom teefs. I have only ONE wisdom TOOF...and I don't know when it's gonna get outta my face.

    1. Karly! You're back! I missed you so!
      I loved ALL the songs on your playlist. Happy music is so awesome, because a lot of the time people really LOVE sad songs and ignore the happy ones. If you LOVE a happy song, it means that the song is REALLY good. I think so anyway. Oooo I love Mindy Gledhill. And thank you, my teefs are doing great.


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