Friday Favorites: Friday Night Lights, A Saga, and some Pink

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

1. Friday Night Lights
Addicting. Inspiring. I'm in love with Matt Saracen...and Tim Riggins. Thank you Jarett for getting me into this show.

2. Roots by Alex Haley
I finished the 899 page saga today. I am pretty darn proud of myself.

3. High pony-tales.
The only way I have been doing my hair this week. Extra high ponies to be specific.

4. Birthday Presents
I love coming up with presents to give people. Especially people you really care about.

5. Bright Pink Lipstick.
I have been obsessed with Cover Girl's Lip Perfection Lipstick in Spellbound

6. Organizing
I really love organizing things. It really helps relieve stress and I always feel accomplished after I do it. After years of having the most cluttered pantry on the planet, my mom finally told me that it was time to help her organize it. I jumped on that opportunity. Don't get me wrong, my mom is a very organized and clean person and I can understand that a pantry would get messy with 4 kids living at home.'s deserve a break. So yes I really enjoyed helping her out. We had a good time doing it too. We listened to groovy tunes and made the pantry all nice and stuff.

I should have gotten a before shot. Really it is so organized you have no idea.

7. Pinterest Workouts! 
They actually work. I always wonder how many people actually use the workouts they pin on pinterest. I never pin them but I saw one and I had to try it. Let me tell you. It worked. My abs are feeling pretty nice. Not gonna lie.
Want a tight tummy? Do this. Ignore the fact that she spelled stretch wrong. I promise this works.
I have already used it once and there was NO fading. I am so incredibly happy with it. It is a really cute coral/pink/orange color. It is flattering and I love love love it. It is a Coco Rave swimsuit. Unfortunately I have no link for this specific style, but if you look up Coco Rave swimwear on Google you can find a bunch of links to wear the brand is sold.

9. The smell of rain. 
The weather has been sweltering but it cooled down significantly today and the air was just perfumed with the fresh smell. It was absolutely lovely. 

That concludes my favorites for this fine week. Comment below with your favorites! Stay golden. 


  1. Dani- I love that swimsuit!! Where do you find these darling suits? Also, I save those workout pins to my desktop instead of repinning them and I've been doing that exact one every morning! Love you!

    1. Thanks Leah! I found it at Dillards! They have really nice swimsuits. They are pricier but they are worth it. That is such a good idea about saving the pins on your desktop. I am doing that from now on. Love you too!

  2. You're right--- the Pinterest Workouts DO work really well :)
    And your new swimsuit is DARLING :)
    And the smell of rain IS fantastic. It's one of my favorites of God's tender mercies. :)

    1. They work really well if you actually do them. Remember how I said I was going to have a healthier lifestyle? Well that went out the window. Haha. Help me Pinterest work outs!

      Thank you!

      Oh yes I have to agree with you. The smell of rain is a tender mercy.


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