Wishlist Wednesday: More Like Wimpy Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This post is wimpy. Wimpy I say. The wimpiest wishlist I have ever made. Why is it so wimpy? Well, I go to college. Not saying that every post is going to be wimpy from now on, I'm just settling into my new place and I haven't exactly had the time to "ooh and ahh" over clothes. So here's to wimpy wishin'. Enjoy!

River Island
I know the mustache trend is old and many might find it kitschy, but I think this simple watch puts a cute spin on the whole mustache dealio. So subtle yet somewhat refined. I think so anyway.

TOMS // Nordstroms 

I already included these in a post. This just shows how much I want these shoes. One day I will own these beautiful things. One day. *Tip* If you don't want to pay for shipping, buy your TOMS at Nordstrom.

Wildfox // Shopbop
"I'm really a mermaid." How adorable is that? How cool is that? Oh my goodness gracious. Want.

My pinspiration for the week. I really want some acid wash jeans. I especially want the ones in the picture.

Any wishlist items you'd like to share with me? What have you been inspired by recently?  I always like to hear from you.

Happy wimpy wishing!

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