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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hiding from people we know in the store.

We were really scared.

I am so glad I got to spend my last night home with these two.

Hiding in the tortillas. Best hiding place naturally.

So many Asian sauces.

Micah creepin' on Shay

What exactly is Cowboy rub? Hmmmmm...

Wishing and hoping for this whole ensemble. So gorgeous.
My empty closet.
Where all the clothes were going.
Full of shoes.
Old quotes from the quote wall.
After baptisms we pretended to be part of the wedding party. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I wish I did know them. They were beautiful. 
I really do love to see the temple.
Didn't have room for my Vogues. Probably still don't.
The key. Please ignore my stubby nails. I had to clip them before I came...or they would be bitten off right now.
Familiar walls.
At Y- Group Leader training they told us to draw a picture of our favorite thing. Of course, I drew pizza.

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  1. I am so glad you are in Provo now!! :) I am sad that you will miss your people, but this means that you and I can kick it this semester! Maybe window shop at ALL the beautiful stores. Where will you be living? Also, I need your number. Also, I am glad that you like living at home. I found it really hard for ME to go back-- most of my close friends moved far away never to return to North Ogden, so I never had much to do at home. This is why I stay in Provo.


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