Friday Favorites: Layers and Sweets

Friday, October 26, 2012

1. A Well Traveled Woman's Blog and Tumblr 

She is an inspiration and I want her home when I have a family of my own.

2. Layered Looks 

 3. Caramel Apples


4. Snow!


5. Chili's and Hangtime
Extreme trampolining and great food. Life was good on Wednesday.


6. A happy week full of answered prayers and tender mercies.
The Lord answers our prayers. Every single one of them. The ones said out loud and the most silent ones of the heart. I am finding myself through God each and every day. Even on the hard days. I just need to remember that His grace will always be sufficient for me.  Our journey will never be complete in this life, but we can love the moments where we touch self-discovery so's a beautiful thing.

7. Going home for the weekend.
My family is the best blessing I will ever receive. I love them so so so so incredibly much. 

8. Oh and let's not forget carving pumpkins.
It's a was my first time. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful week, if it wasn't the best, I hope your weekend is better. I hope it's happy. See you on Monday and stay golden!

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