Wishlist Wednesday: Fall Color Palette

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have been trying to think of what my fall color palette will be. I don't usually go for certain color palettes, but I really want to try something new.

I love bright colors and I will never get tired of them, but I want to go for a more muted look this fall. I really like the idea of charcoals, blacks, grays, and camel. Mix it with a chambray shirt, some colored jeans, or go for something monochromatic and you're good to go. So here are 3 things in this color palette that I have been wishing for.

 I really love this charcoal jumper with the cute bike print. It's simple, it will keep you warm, and you can throw it on with just about everything and it will look good. Who could complain?

I am currently OBSESSED with this. It is the next thing I want to purchase. Shopping trip anyone?

So...these are actually for men, but that's why I love them. They have a boyish charm that can tone down a really feminine outfit. I really like that kind of look. I also think this camel/tan look looks really good with gray and black. I love it.

Are there any colors that you want to wear for fall? What have you been wishing for? Comment below and stay golden!

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