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Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm sorry I was absent Thursday and Friday. Life gets crazy. You know how it is? Here are some snapshots of my crazy life.

1. It's cardigan and button up shirt weather. If I could wear that chambray shirt every day, I would.

2. The remnants of BYU blue pancakes. Oh how delicious. Plus, if you sang the school fight song verbatim, they gave you a first in line spot. Of course, I took the challenge and scored.

3. Raspberry cheesecake shakes and french fries. Thank you JCW's. I shall say it now, and say it again and again. JCW's is far better than Sammy's and IN-N-OUT combined. Not kidding. That's all.

4. The little turkey I got to make for the last day of my teaching class! What a treat. No more 8 hour days and cold classrooms.

5. Crazy weather makes for a beautiful rainbow...a double rainbow in fact.

6. Project Uplift service social with brothers, roommate, and former roommate. We decorate boxes like true professionals.

7. We study at the library too. Especially when the internet is being a brat.

8. That moment when you discover your sister is way more stylish than you will ever be.

9. One word. LUNCHABLES.

10. Another word. PEETA!

11. I have decided that I always take remnant pictures of my pancakes. These were pancakes too. They were orange this time.

12. After pancakes, you have to go party with your Asian brothers. It is only fitting.

13. Speaking of leaving, missionary letters from your best missionary friend. Elder Woodzzz, I sure do love you. You have brought a lot of giggles to my belly.

14. Currently obsessed with these two candles. Nutmeg and Spice and French Baguette. I wish you could smell them through the computer screen. They are...unbelievable. Bath and Body Works, NEVER get rid of French Baguette. It is my favorite.

15. Found this on a Sunday Evening walk. No good I say, no good.

How was your weekend? How is life treating you? Are there any Bath and Body Works scents I should try? What have you been loving about this season, and what are you being for Halloween?!?!
Have a lovely Monday!
Stay golden!

1 comment:

  1. I feel like everyone has been spotting rainbows lately, love it! And that last picture just tears my heart out. So sad.
    xo TJ


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